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F0rest cold shoulder
Your a fucking idiot. Dont try to bait anyone here punk
AdreN mouse?
fk1/fk2 one of the 2
I'll guess your penis size
186 86 No Rank
I find it amusing you baiting all these hltv people. Have fun Sir Sliver 3
s1mple rekt VP
Definition of retarded my friends
Bulid a new Dust 2 ! :DDD
Dust 3 INC
Want to join a team
you live same place as taz? nice
No motar doesnt have lung cancer. Some fan of get_right donated saying his friends dad has lung cancer and would make his day if f0rest signed his friends profile. Stop making up lies you dumb fuck
best free antivirus
Avast works great try the free 30 day premium first then switch to free.
Your actually delusional as fuck bro. Thinking hes toxic. The man got pissed off over the fact Kjaerbye said Astralis under performed in the major after winning it. First you dont say "we under perfor...
WWE Royal Rumble 2017
Yea its gonna be banned but hopefully after its done LUL
Gold Pickems
I got 92 points Gold
I feel so bad for VP
Taz would want us to respect the winners. As always there will always be another day another major another final and another trophy. They will have their time again just not today.
Pasha Retire pls Cant shoot with awp cant shoot with M4 never winning Clutches only eco kills
Average 9 year old judgeing by far the best team in counter-strike history. "Lose 1 final people think yep they are shit please retire" well not so likely. If they came this far why stop now. I think ...
They put one hell of a fight up. Really happy how far they went this event. Even though they lost they are still undisputed Legends of counter-strike no denying that.