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C9 wasted spot
I remember in the previous tournament when both Gambit and Virtus.premier beat FaZe....Cloud9 proceeded to beat Gambit in a best-of-3 this tournament. They also beat G2 at ELEAGUE. C9 just shits the b...
-SIXER +kennyS
Amen. - Happy - kennyS - RpK - ScreaM/apEX - shoxie
No chance in bo5
NiP and miracle runs. VP and showing up at majors. Flipsid3 and making majors. G2 and choking at majors. Cloud9 and....making top 4 consistently recently. Liquid and choking 15-X leads. SK and comebac...
"NiP picked Cache"
Because NiP wins against good teams on Cache and shits the bed against bad teams on Cache.
A Cloud 9 roster change
because no real IGL. adding shox and RpK to nV should've been the call to make, with - apEX - SIXER. baiting IGL > braindead strats
C9 is the NA Superteam
Well...FaZe fucked everybody up that tournament.
C9 is the NA Superteam
I mean....Ska is still the most clutch NA player.
I call Renegades that. I try to make myself feel better about an Aussie team.
FNX, the only player to win every major he's been in...100 thieves are making moves man. An LCS spot that was confirmed yesterday to be 100 Thieve's, under the Cavaliers. Also a CS:GO team filled with...
c9 -Ska +?
?!?! Tarik has been at his greatest form since IGLing for Cloud9.
Liquid still #1 NA
...? Autimatic >> Steel Ska > JDM Tarik > n1tro Stewie > Twist RUSH = ELiGE
nV fix inc
RpK probably pushes now of days because of him worrying that everybody else can't do shit. RpK dies early but still carries the team. Happy just gets shit because he baits people. Happy isn't much of ...
Elige Toxic
orgs with better logos are usually better teams ;o
SIXER o m g
The difference is that...Ska is still a way better player than SIXER lmfao. Way better pistol player, rifler, AWPer, and is the most clutch NA player. I would call Ska sort of the Xyp9x of NA for the ...