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Wardell VAC
barrel wallbang.
If s1mple isn't top 1..
FaZe vs Ghost
Top 20 players 2018: 16th
Top 20 players 2018: 17th
Liquid is stooopid
Then you rebuild that teamplay. Simply as that. If Liquid didn’t let TACO and Zews go, tension would build up in the team and make it crumble. Getting Stewie was the right option
Is TACO coming back to MiBR good?
More skilled player = team has higher peak. Snax didn't work out because his form was unrecoverable, and the team was unwilling to adapt for each other. If Stewie improves his form and TL manages to a...
Is Kngv really joining Mibr?
Eh. There's apparently a big probability that he's joining, but that's weird...why would MIBR be in talks with him when he got his contract terminated by the same org. just a year before? Dafuq? Frick...
create a super player
s1mple Xyp9x gla1ve
Astralis Millionaires ?
I wish I could become rich by just playing fucking video games and getting addicted to it -_- The salaries were so low for a long-ass time, then it finally exploded in late 2015 because of that stupi...
cheated on my gf
Just admit it to her. it'll haunt your conscience worse if she doesn't know. And sounds kinda fishy that she never wants to be with you. Ask her why as well ;\ DON'T MAKE UP EXCUSES FOR ...
I guess your age
CS:GO Rank: None CS:GO Hours: 715 Country: United States of America Do you have a girlfriend? How many have you had?: No, 0 Favorite CS:GO Team and Player: Cloud9, Shroud
Samsung Galaxy S10
I didn't know people in the USA liked Android, IOS feels so much simpler to use. And it looks much more appealing to the eyes - this is why people prefer Apple ;\ But anyways...the only good thing a...
Liquid to win supernova malta
And when TACO was added, TL improved drastically. There aren't many players who can replace him...if you want to replace TACO, nitr0 has to go at the same time. Idk if daps-CerQ would work on TL. For ...
soloq = lottery?
every game with soloq is like that. Just try to make your team act as a cohesive unit instead of having everyone make individual plays. if they try to make individual plays, the team with the better p...