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shox+kennyS > Fallen and coldzera
FalleN's already a legend tho.
Make the best CS team in history
- FalleN IGL, (also a good rifler for an IGL) - kennyS (AWPer) - Stewie2k (Entry Fragger) - coldzera (Support Player, consistent) - NiKo (Rifler)
Make the best CS team in history
Cold isn't the best aimer. He's the best under tense situations and is a good clutcher, while being an all-around player with incredibly consistent aim. His consistency is what made him the best playe...
Good looking pros
and dosia
Top 1 team
B0b, you were baiting though. You purposely left SK out to trigger Brazilians. You know how emotional they are.
Good looking pros
At least he didn't give in, like the rest of you guys.
gj belgium
But the guy already blew up his trolley.
CSGO Team Tiers
Tru dat. Shot down like a real man.
CIS Superteam?
Zeus Flamie s1mple Dosia Hobbit Can't have too much individual skill.
why pros getting fat
Hiko and pimp got skinny. It's an opposite effect.
C9/TSM Superteam
And Reginald is toxic af. You know he cares about winning. He tried to get better players for his CSGO teams. He tried to have Xyp9x kicked when he was underperforming and kicked SEMPHIS and FNS to br...
C9/TSM Superteam
I realized I fucked up my grammar. Because of that, you win. Ima go drink some bleach.
Mouz - Denis + Scream
Denis is doing aight now. No need.
C9/TSM Superteam
It's like saying Africans born in America aren't Americans. No? You guys may have space stations and satellites, but we have Google and all that shit boy. Don't shit talk American, there are some who ...