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You just outplayed yourself. Boltz is going to be kicked for watermelon brain turok, but little did you know that Boltz and Stewie were contracted to Immortals the entire year up to this point c;
Because Astralis had 1000 points going into the tournament. I already predicted Na'Vi moving to #2 and MiBR moving to #5 if Na'Vi won the tournament. If they win Stockholm, they'll be #1 w/o a doubt.
Liquid with Coldzera This is what Liquid can do with their Disney money btw. The $1m contract for Impact also. Ofc they can buyout Cold and be 4th place forever c;
I rate your dream csgo team.
Zeus s1mple shoxie dupreeh Magisk Loose style with dupreeh-Magisk entry duo, shoxie lurk, s1mple AWP, and Zeus IGL/Support. Shox can also function as a support during set executes.
2 girls at the same time
If you want to be with both...find out who's more compatible for you? Don't go try to be some player like the HLTV kids are saying. And if you're's over for you.
HLTV Top 10 Players...Halfway Rankings?
I was iffy about NAF too. But I think autimatic is pretty good, he keeps Cloud9 in games.
coldzera top20
If the BR scene really is almost as bad as the French scene, I don't see a way that Brazilian CS can recover. Stewie should take his chances and make the next NA superteam.
coldzera top20
around 10-12.
Smooya shit talking
This is why Reddit people >>>>>>>>> HLTV people. Let the rat king shit talk. I like the man already.
Smooya shit talking
Smooya shit talking
FaZe wouldn't have won with Olof anyways. Just get over it.
BIG CHEATED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CSGO Panorama UI update
Lul, Volvo instructed to put in -panorama.
Team Liquid 1 v 9 POGGERS
not a bait. Is true c;
G2 and choking in play offs
Team Liquid and 4th. Cloud9 and memes. Fnatic and kings of Europe. NiP and disappointing. FaZe and trickshotting. KT Rolster and not making Worlds. SKT and winning.