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Dreamteam to beat astralis?
shoxie, s1mple, steel (Canadian), olofmeister, electronic
Then 2016-2017
Worst major according to HLTV is...
This was a terrible major though. Sub-par production, music, PC issues, crowd, literally blinding one person who purchased a VIP seat.. There was no hype whatsoever. It was even worse that the playoff...
Astralis rn
It’s a different context. Astralis actually know how to play the game.
This Fucking Major
ESL One Cologne 2016 got less than Columbus
FNATIC 2015 Vs Astralis 2018 ?
Astralis 2018. Teams would always take Fnatic to 3 maps at the majors but Fnatic would clutch it out. Astralis just smashed everyone straight up.
Really hoping that G2 gets group C so at least one western team besides FNC makes it...hopefully TL. Looks bleak for the western teams this year...and ofc FNATIC gets the easy group
Gambit bouta get KabuM'ed hehe
r8 pokimane
6.5/10. She thicc and all but...meh.
Do you eat pork?
yes. it tastes good. but it's too bad cause pigs are kinda cute ;c
Astralis’s Era
It WILL be the most dominant era. No team has seemed this invincible in eSports since the SKT dynasty and the early NiP run where nobody knew how to play the game.
Which QF Games would you rather attend?
BIG vs. Na'Vi, Team Liquid vs. HellRaisers. I think those two are the closest matchups.
Respect NiP
Respect NiP
Astralis in new challengers stage, mb
I will rate your song In celebration of TL 3-0ing the group. Every one of TL's teams is doing well.