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500k s1mple, 700k extra for flamie
Naw...Mousesports is a team that tends to play to the level of their opponents. It's a very bad problem they should fix.
coldzera 2016-2017 vs. olofmeister 2015
Cold is way more consistent. Olof is flashier. But honestly, both players don't play an exciting style. Coldzera is basically a turret. And when it comes to s1mple, you see him exceed cold's ratings o...
NAVI #5 ?!?!?!!
The contract did have a buyout clause, according to several sources. However, Na'Vi did not honor the clause and tried to block s1mple's buyout.
Hiko to Brazil
Torqued is going to muster their superpowers to qualify for the LAN 2-1 over the ultimate online gods NRG. 16-14, 0-16, 16-14 EZ
Team Liquid Forever 4th
Rekkles is a god.
Great player but doesn't know how to express his anger. The "kill" part probably meant he was gonna fuck FNS up, which almost happened. Actually he was probably only gonna confront him. The Thorin twi...
Now isn't the time to even predict the major lul
Doublelift case
Really really say. 1. He just reconciled with his parents around 2 and a half years ago after like 10 years of hating them and also several years after being kicked out from home. 2. His older brothe...
Jake “Stewie2faced “Tolefo
It's an offer he couldn't turn down. Autimatic got offered too but declined, probably because of the fact that Ska was leaving/retiring so he couldn't give up the major spot.
Faker > Stewie2k
stew from China lol, tim from Vietnam
ar6ent1na > bra71l
u mean br0n7-1l
Which is a huge mistake on Ocelote's part. The reason why EU orgs. are behind NA orgs. is simply because they don't spend part of the money on infrastructure but instead try to compete for desirable p...
Cloud9 Player Rankings
Jensen > Smoothie > Sneaky > Svenskeren > Licorice
Shox team ACTUAL info
I already knew that NBK and shox would come to their senses. No way would shox kick NBK and no way would NBK miss out on that opportunity at this point. NBK wasn't the problem in the team. And this ne...