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average FACEIT elo of HLTV ?
Do I even have elo If I played two matches 3 years ago?
Mobile esports > pc
Playing on a console pad is a huge discomfort, so I can't even imagine playing on mobile.
k1to reminder
the feeling when people say he did nothing wrong, and you don't even know what he did
r8 F1 drivers
1 - best skilled driver - Verstappen 2 - your favorite driver - Vettel 3 - upcoming potential - Bascially every youngster 4 - worst skilled driver - None 5 - worst personality/driving manners driver ...
leaf come (Brazil here)
We know it's not the entire Brazil that thinks like that. It could happen to a team from every country and the outcome could be very similiar (maybe not THAT harsh, but still). The only thing that per...
Garlic bread
This tastes so fucking good it's unbelieveable Once I bought 2 baguettes and made like 60 pieces of it but damn it was so harsh on my stomach but worth it
understandable to be honest, he did his part, he had fun, he made money, he made friends and his name, now he can just enjoy life... would do the same
How much mbps of internet is good for gaming?
I have 10/10 ADSL which I pay 20 euros per month, lol, feel you. But they should make it fiber here in like a week. Internet in France is pretty unstable must say, big cities are fine but small villag...
Best news web
reddit maybe? But they might be biased. But yeah if you rethink everything they post here yourself and not read the comments, it should be fine
Antifa in Poland getting more violent
Antifa is cancer everywhere to be honest.
Uncle with covid
Yeah, he will be fine my brazilian friend, don't worry. Hospital is the safest place to be right now. Also Jonty is alive, the man, the myth, the legend of HLTV.
i r8 your desktop
nope, it's actually 3x27'' screens, ultrawide this big is wayyy too expensive for me
i r8 your desktop actually motivated me to clean my desktop mess
fav book?
Ken Follet's Pillars of the Earth probably
weather in csgo is never better
offtopic, but rain/snow/fog in cs:go would be an awesome update