Los Angeles?
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PIC: gla1ve age 12
keylogger lost my will not to start rahova
Why is "Jonty" so mad?
Especially right
I r8 ur username part 2
It’s KaSmA I made it when I was ~14, I literally typed random letters and it corrected to “kasma”. Which is a tiny island and a turkish word that means something like “muscle”.
if liquid
With 3 different players
MIBR or CompLexity ?
now hold on i just realised something
Retard? They just print the money and buy them
now hold on i just realised something
They just print the money and buy the machines. Are you dumb or what lol /closed
Liquid don't win major *READ*
Go ahead and tell me how 62,5% is a bad stat.
Liquid don't win major *READ*
He’s an eastern european fakeflagger. I can easily tell by the way he writes.
prokda gets a pet
Yeah... using 0x0 is a sign of permanent mental damage, as well as the Japanese fakeflag. Who, other than people who are in one or another way mentally ill, visits 4chan(or whatever this garbage is)?
Pronax? Barbarr? F0rest?
The odds we have rn are hilarious. 2-0 for nip surely.
r8 team name and logo
The “3” and caps “L”’s make it look a lot worse than it really is. Otherwise, the name “celestial” with the logo deserves a confident 8/10. The logo is actually extremely well made, just get rid of th...
Twitch is down but you still can watch it
nt faceit ddos agent
i am lonely
I fucking hate those tags people put on themselves. “Introvert melancholic extravert” etc. It’s all made-up bullshit, yet you take it for granted and use it as protection against leaving your zone of ...