17 year old white, toxic, moronic yet master baiter. im think im 14 years old. Batistuta's Good boy. The most perfect white man on earth. A dickhead. Not more.

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i have a granny fetish AMA
yeah imma get a job in a crematorium and try some of that dead pussy ty for help
Why you play CS ?
i still like cs a lot since i've played it for years and i'm here mostly for the chat and for the forum content
i have a granny fetish AMA
you can't get a granny fetish from watching porn stopping masturbating isn't good for you and you can't get rid of a fetish like that otherwise nt btw baited
scandinavia bad bro nt
i have a granny fetish AMA
nono i was already calling but then saw cemetery and stopped calling i'm not a necrophile man
i have a granny fetish AMA
of course i do man
[[18+]] R8 body
erdogan saw anti-turk propaganda on imgur once so he banned it just like wikipedia lul
pasza in top20 this year?
see you in 3 days))
Why you play CS ?
i don't play cuz shit pc and don't watch cuz boring otherwise i would be playing a lot cuz i bestest player and people want me to carry them
people that say that probably learn about czechoslovakia in school when they are young and then they don't give a fuck about central european countries and don't know czechoslovakia split
czechia is the short name czech republic is the long name just like with most other countries slovakia/slovak republic etc.
Poland should be ashamed
vp is still the best team in europe you stupid weeb.....
young romanian talent smurfing vs vp
reported for being feathern.............
Hottest pro right now?
zero from HR u blind losers
Natus Lulatus
hs fellow weeb