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where do you watch the score?
NiP Lucky(again)
lucky? :D if dennis have defused dat bomb that half would not have been dat close.
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
fnatic just lost to navi when simple had a bad game.I think that says it all.
this game could have been like 16-5 if ENCE didnt win this force rounds where NIP had an advantage.
NiP lezzgo
This team could look way better even after the roster changes if threat was still there.He would just make a strat book and someone just gonna call.
NiP lezzgo
Even Golden man,they just need somone to do decent calls,with lekro,dennis and forest in ur team u can do whatever u want
NiP lezzgo
They might go trought but my god t hey just need a good IGL,they have so much firepower in this team.
David De Gea
After his mistake against Portugal his confidence just disappeared.If this was like 2 months ago he would save 2-3 penalties for sure.
NiP vs AGO
AS always someone from AGO will step up and play like god against NIP
NiP vs Nordavind
Whenever NIP plays against lower tier teams that they are expected to beat, someone from other team steps up and plays like a god.
I think the coach has to take the responsabilitty about the whole performance of the team.They litteraly had no defence and midfield.
To be honest except the brilliant goal he scored against Nigeria,he did nothing the whole tournament
Nip ecs
Yep but there is no way dat can happen :)
NiP on ECS Finals
why would they use round difference its so stupid if they win 2-0 against Astralis and they won against g2 2-0 they should go trought
Astralis vs NiP
they have to play 18 :D