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Imagine that you met yourself 15 years old.
She is the wrong one.
Okay, so you're the typical US-American? Felt insulted because I said something not-positive about something American, got butthurt and can't even elaborate why you felt the need to write 4 lines of t...
Wowowow why so butthurt? Of course this is banter, welcome to HLTV. My point stands though, they are sponsored by the U.S. Air Force :)
why would he invest? They're literally funded by government by now, so he saves every penny for himself.
if europeans didn't exist
You can never know what wouldve happened to the Mayans and Aztecs if the conquistadores didnt bring the plague and war to South/Middle-America.
By complaining about copypastas you are just making it worse. Can't you see that? Every time you comment and complain about people posting the same comments each time just adds to the incentive for pe...
How is Sado still employed?
EURONICS vs Tempo Storm
so... you're mad because actual companies venture into esports? Or because your bet lost? I don't get it, either way, ESC is on the way up for quite some time now, anybody with a sane mind shouldve be...
Italy come here
Northern Italy is surely better in terms of ENglish education than Southern italy, on top of that the area around lago di como is a popular tourist area, that might improve the English-skills of the p...
Is this normal????
so what's your problem now? I for my part am straight.
Is this normal????
It can mean many things, but by mentioning muslims you bring Islam into the discussion, it's quite an easy equation. And why am I a fag all of a sudden? Hypothetically, if I was, I wouldn't defend Isl...
Is this normal????
are you mentally in? Muslims are the beliefers of Islam. LMAO.
Is this normal????
the #clovergender thing looks like a 4chan prank, if you look at the jigsaw-heart-logo you can see the shamrock...
Is this normal????
You did talk about islam further up the thread, now please, stop making a foolt of yourself, it is slowly becoming hurtful to read. What a pity.