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tell me your sensitivity and your game style
400 3 T side agressive awp and rifle entry, CT support or site anchor
Places to move?
>memeing the caring, rich, educated husband ON A FUCKING CS FORUM >fires back with kiddo and shit as soon as doubts arise >0\8
Sunny :))
unfortunately they played the same position, had accurate info on the last guy after killing shox and wanted to run down the time.
Sunny :))
is it peek? Never sure tbh, so I just go with my mood, kinda.
Sunny :))
neither of them peaked in the end, they tried to run down the time. The call is questionable, but it wasn't sunny's fault in the end, he just went with the call.
Sunny :))
what should he do differently in this situation?
FaZe vs Cloud9
No easy way to get Aderall in Europe neither one to smuggle it into the Ukraine.
Bolts kick betting thread
hmm juicy bet right here.
She's swedish so she's basically cheating. Invalid argument, sry.
csgo188 legit?
legit but bots got banned by steam again. Why do you bet on a site you don't trust in the first place and come here to cry once things turn to shit, anyways?
I kept replying all the time, but "taking care of the country laws" is a bullshit argument if an argument at all. Journalists are required to write freely, if that's not possible, something about the ...
okay see you (baiting) idiot.
yes it does. Downgrading Turkey due to them imprisoning journalists is "morally inaccurate" to you?
I just hope you're baiting big time, because neither Turkey nor India belong to the 1st world. They surely have military power, India even has nukes, but that's not what makes a country t1 while they'...
This definition makes no sense at all. So you would consider Turkey a Tier 1 country? A country that just had a military coup, is bombing minorities and locking away journalists? You would call them a...