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SS new SK?
SK: lucas1, hen1, bit, fnx, felps mibr: fer, FalleN, boltz, taco, coldzera
lvl10 faceit!!!!!!!
quoted my post by mistake then xP
lvl10 faceit!!!!!!!
What, I just protected you fam wtf
lvl10 faceit!!!!!!!
In what post he said he is carrying his team? He is being part of it, making calls and probably doing exit frags, what the fuck you know about if you don`t have anything to prove your gamesense?
lvl10 faceit!!!!!!!
np, same damn thing happens on GamersClub all the time, if you have lower KD means you are bad to them, which completely makes no sense.
lvl10 faceit!!!!!!!
STOP WHINING ABOUT HIS KD RATIO FFS, it looks like kids nowadays forget CSGO IS A TEAMPLAY game who others HAVE to take different positions and not IDLE like a fucker to maintain his KD RATIO you fuck...
SK +fox +mutiris
just shut up
hey usa what about being good in other sports ?
It looked good tbh look all the shit you wrote only from a bait.
Good Question
But you know him, for instance? I bet you don't, so how can you call someone disgusting if you don't even know him personally.
Good Question
Could you elaborate why you "hate" someone you don't even know?
Good Question
If you don't know who am I to say?
brazilian steel
Never satisfied, just shut the fuck up already.
You guys are never satisfied, please, shut the fuck up
Why is sk failing in 2018
Never said they are the best team in the world? Also, I'm a fan of the game, not a particular org. Sure TACO struggle, but I can't find any decent substitution to him?
Why is sk failing in 2018
You're not criticizing, you're those kind of players who don't understand shit about the game and think can do better than them. How about that, TACO leave the team and you'll get his place, let's see...