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flukiest win ever
+ 999 easiest upvote ever
NiKo #3
wp my friend
Major System 32 Teams
Round difference is one of the worst ways to break ties. Different maps, teams, etc are prone to certain round differences that don't factor in actual team skill.
+1 obviously what i meant
on one of their podcasts i'm pretty sure i remember them saying they were more than happy to NOT be "top tier" talent in the scene
VP fans come here
+1 for fellow flusha fan my friend
(+18) whats your car
thank you my friend. your bmw is also an absolute classic, love it
(+18) whats your car
Mustang coupe, not a gt or a manual but it was what the dealership had. also, it's a nice discount on the insurance compared to the gt
I SURRENDER on insisting about Music given the title of the thread, this was required
C9 Smooya?
US and UK don't mix, we fought a war over this
i r8 your b8
5 > 4 kane > ronaldo
I belive we can win :)
Sad to see the score but congrats to Panama, the fans look really happy to at least see that goal. Also, at least you guys are at the cup *a tear streams down my cheek*
Perfect Band for EVERYONE!
Ah yes. As I have gotten a little older I my tastes have shifted slightly as well. It's interesting how that happens to some people.
Perfect Band for EVERYONE!
I mean I do genuinely have a great respect for Zep, that's not banter.
Perfect Band for EVERYONE!
The point of my account is flat, boring banter. If you think I post anything serious you're wrong