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Well if you want to state facts as science point of view you have to compare two same conditions idiot, as a fact whites had all of the freedom and done terrible things to afro-american race and you w...
Pro sens
Low Sens is the best sense for sure (at least for me)
Sadokist Sirscoots beef
I believe BLAST should come clear on the arguement also for me some extent BLAST is good because they target for different cities for esports fans so they can experience some degree of the atmosphere ...
AK-47 Skins
Red Laminate and Jet Set
125, 500 or 1000 MOUSE HZ
Man we are really old. From small round ball to now high end sensors.
Longest DM killstreak?
22 in cobble dm running around with ak it was fun then got banned from server lel
Help me with binds
I like binds for me I like it like below; Mwheel down- jump Clear decals when i walk Cl_righthand 0-1 for peeks Numpad 0-9 : my buys 1Armor 2 kevlar 3 p250 4 ak-m4 5- awp 6-scout 7-deag 8-molly 9-s...
125, 500 or 1000 MOUSE HZ
+1 and those first generation 500hz laser mice series came out (I believe it was either japanese or USA I might be mistaken) it was bless.
awp noob weapon
As a entry fragger I disagree the weapon i hate most recently is scout or Aug
deagle fix
I miss old hltv baits.
Skyrim best singleplayer game?
My fab would be GTA San Andreas never played skyrim not my type of game sadly.
Black bars or stretched
Man it certainly does not you is right but I am saying with 4:3 I feel like game is flawing better on 16:10 it is just so slow and makes me sleep. I do not disagree with you on 16:10 but hey at the ...
Black bars or stretched
Well I am sprayer man, I like the 4:3 and I am pretty good at it. You can actually adjust settings with some commands. (I believe yaw commands). So it will not be a problem I believe.
Black bars or stretched
It is a good res but zi feel like game is flowing quite slow.
Well it is nordics man ofc you make a lot. So can you buy me a DLore pls.