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gaurdian back??
Dont know why but I really like Guardian he really deaerves a major tittle and really good team just my idea. He was a beast I think he can be again really top player.
Hltv memes/trolls
There was a meme about NA player I forgot it was about something like he is jacke he wear freshest clothes hang with coolest dudes and nicest restiarants I think it was Semphis. Dude it has been so l...
Faze Fallen
Well good replacement but tbh I dont see it is happening due to RMR points and Niko's huge ego. Also maybe they might hang on to this rooster for some time because clearly FaZe management has issue wi...
FaZe Clan
Well as I mentioned previously they played 5-6 Bo3 and they grabbed 0 maps that hints a problem even tho you get 1 new player you can grab 1 map in my opinion. They wen straight rolling down to hill. ...
Olof was the problem ?????????
I would take olof over bew blood everyday, he just needed the motivation + more suitable role for himself.
Faze 5 0-2's in a row
It is just simply with current line-up and without making real changes they will just continue to suffer. Even you replace 1 player you will snatch 1 map at least but 5 bo3 but 0 map wins I will call ...
Olof was the problem ?????????
Well I use to like Faze and enjoy their play but now last 5 matches played and they could not even grab 1 single map. It is just really poor performance and absolutely waste of time to wait without ch...
Do you play as an entry in your matches?
Well I play entry I am self confident and not one-tap wise but spray wise I am really good so I often get multiple kills with a spray and also everyone is afraid so much for entry. So Entry is easy w...
broky next xyp9x
This guy is right even I made my first money with Magisk when I start the bet. I think most talents are spotted by Tier 2-3 teams also by really experienced IGL’s in NA we had Ocean - sean in EU we ha...
+1 I need to have the gossip too.
Videogames from your childhood?
Too many but favs; -Carmageddon -Dino Crisis -Resident Evil 1-2 -Doom -Age of Empires -cadillacs and dinosaurs -midtown madness -counter-strike and Half-Life (inc. opposing force) -crash bandicot -...
Best Car Brand
Mercedes / my grandfather had one since 1994 E200 till 2 years ago and had no problem. Only once had issue with electronics
VP Roster change suggestion?
I want to see Mir in Na’Vi seriously it will be awesome.
VP Roster change suggestion?
It was just an idea man, dude asked for suggestion. So it just came up to my mind.
VP Roster change suggestion?
Mir has really promising future man. I think they should consider him too.