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Pros You’ve Played Against?
Smooya, Calyx, Xantares and Tabsen in DM. Man those guys were not joking they were just chilling but still they were really top fraggin.
French Scene
French scene well first they need to play and have the right mind set before everything. I believe they think they achieved and made a mark so they just play for salary or fun. But they are really ski...
Cant aim
Well who needa to aim when you have perfect spray like me. My HS percentage is really low I just deranked for trolling from GE to SMFC but hey learn to spray rather than tapping man.
IGL for Faze
Well decent aimer and awper can play double awp with Guardian and Niko olof and rain could solely focus on rifles. He is passionate and he is considered a good IGL for teams has firepower with agressi...
IGL for Faze
Well my opinion is very unorthodox but Cadian can be considered.
FaZe New Member?
Man Fallen will come for money do not forget Gabriel Twofaced meme pls
FaZe, what do they need?
Well honestly psych will help look at Astralis it worked for them quite good. IGL I think they could bring Ex6 because he is hard working + he is diciplined also another alternative can be ChrisJ he ...
VP CSGO lineup is gone link in comments
Still for CS:GO scene they were legends. F for Massive Respect.
Your eDPI ?
it is fine bro I play nearly the same the difference it makes is awesome for me personally.
Your eDPI ?
EDPI: 350 man low sens I like it I have quick arms and big mouse pad 400dpi sens is 0.875 my zoom sense is 0.805 I can awp and Rifle too but when I get shot on behind it takes ages for me to turn plus...
Niko Crying
Unethical yes purely disgusting, but rule book does not say anything about tweaking the video settings. Maybe just maybe not accusing anyone but he just tweak some of his video settings can be possibl...
Hey PC guys I need a hand
I am open on suggestion my dear friend, I am looking for something high end plus on budget :) this pc will cost around 15.000 TRY with currency 2.300€ it is for my Turkish house but for UK house my de...
Hey PC guys I need a hand
My monitor is XL2411p Zowie + I will go on generally CS:GO little bit of old school Resident Evil + Diablo series on the side maybe RDR 2 GTA series maybe ?
Hey PC guys I need a hand
I play 144hz My monitor is XL2411p Zowie and /my game res is 4:3 1280X960
Hey PC guys I need a hand
I am always open for suggestions man. Thanks