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Mouz New York
Well here I am
Hmm it actually smillar. Well made point mate.
They need mental coach man. Seriously ai was at event and it was the one of most boring event possible I wish I was at Pro League season final. What I seen so far is Stew and Tarik showing so much emo...
It is nice city been there couple of times. Girls ar gud, expensive but nice bars and clubs. I been there business too. So far what i seen made me fall in love with the city.
Depression forum
I will fly tomorrow mornin to Moscow man sadly cant join you today. Maybe later.
Depression forum
Maaan I would but need to wake up in tha mornin early for a flight we could play wingman and chill yeee if you know what I mean ;)
I thought murder was illegal.
Olof is not the problem
They are good players man, even people criticise those people been in Major finals some more than couple of times. It makes me sad it is top team but I think they lacking some serious IGL skills. We n...
Olof is not the problem
Too much fire power can hurt man S1mple + Niko can be deadly but I dont think they can get along.
Who will win the FaceIT major?
GG WP my friend gratz to you as you were right Astralis took it. I still have bronze pick'em so I am happy.
Best Martial Art?
Krav Maga
Who will win the FaceIT major?
I already have Bronze Pick'em but I picked Faze so let the game begin bro.
Who will win the FaceIT major?
Sorry mate my bad lad, fixed for ya. But it seems Astralis is the strongest contender. Danish CS is tactical and semi-fun to watch I need some agreesive CS man.
Who will win the FaceIT major?
Mr Major counter friend, Olof always shows up in big stages Guardian needs a major and Niko is calling quite solid also if Rain become a beast for 3-4 maps FaZe will win it but for it to happen we nee...
Who will win the FaceIT major?
I will get probably flamed but I believe FaZe will win the major. Also Liquid has solid chance