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Women in CS
Actually he is Jewish dude ? Isnt he
Women in CS
I think in qualifiers in many tournamets there is no rule stating as females can not compete. They have to qualify in order to attend those tournaments.
why no girls in FPL
FPL has a qualifying system if you improve and play really well you will get the spot. ESAA I guess have an invitation system for Rank S and so theybcan get invited. TBF I believe some female pros are...
Smartest CSGO Pro IRL
Shroud kek
It is preferance and how big is your hands. My hands are big so I use Zowie FK+1 it feels comfy and it is really good mouse. If your hands are small I think you should go for EC series maybe I am wron...
hyperx cloud 2
I agree +1 bought mine 3 months ago and it was best headset I used. I used befor Logitech, Razer and Sony but Hyper X II is really good.
+dust 2 when?
Actually I agree and disagree with you bro. Because dust is more aim based more skill heavy than execution based map. But I agree currently it has some balance issues I believe.
I told you man I could be wrong :D I just stated a fact because it wasnt really much off when olof joined the lineup.
Not true I assume it was Fnatic in 2015 Cologne maybe I am wrong I dont wanna mislead
Also Astralis went 3-2 but they we L-W-W-L-W
Actually no VP did it in IEM 2014 Kato. For challenger part. But rest I think you are right. Respect guys
Deserved but biased?
Well do not under-estimate Astana Dragons I think The team was learning ground for CIS talents. I think Ange1 is a good leader and teacher such as Hunden and Ocean yeah they are bad at fraggin but the...
Deserved but biased?
Golden's problem is inexperience and not really known I like what he has done vs SK it was really cool because that nice changing paste and players as well as mid round calls. That is why I believe in...
Finally kick karrigan
Possible and reasonable opinion I respect that but there should be more chemistry I believe Ange1 is quite aged it has benefits ofcourse but future can create difficulties but your suggestion is reall...
Greatest comeback?
Well I see the story like 2014 IEM Katowice VP from qualifier to winning major.