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Leftists come here
American "left" is center not left lol
why not go for 87-0 like nip?
why hate gays?
straight men are afraid the gays will treat them like the straights treat women
Karl Marx or
why not listen to the people who lived under it, than nazi propaganda? holodomor has been disproven many times why blame a draught in ukraine and kazakstan to "communism bad cus dead" when you never ...
Karl Marx or
1) it was a proletarian revolution lead by a vanguard party, it was not a capitalist revolution like the french 2) the gulags at its fullest wasnt even the same rates as usas prisoner rate today. the...
Karl Marx or
why didnt the tsar just turn it to a superpower then? or the provisional government?
Karl Marx or
sure, the russian people dared to stand up against the murderous tsar, suddenly was so scared to protest against the bolsheviks? makes no sense lol. the tsar did everything anti-communists claim the ...
Karl Marx or
marx even meant that russia wasnt evolved enough to have a socialist revolution
Karl Marx or
it had a life expectancy of 30-40 years which became 60-70 from the moment the communist took power, the russian empire was a big empire, but poor and disorginized, they had hard losses against japan ...
Karl Marx or
Karl Marx or
they are good in practice aswell, name a country that went from a backwards farming feudal country to a superpower in 30 years and won the spacerace.
Karl Marx or
Marx never killed anyone?
hobbit wife
She is almost as cute as Hobbit
Kim Jong Un re-elected
And we will rise the red flags again, when CIA cant sabotage every democracies in the world who tries to elect anyone that can see the flaws in capitalism.
Kim Jong Un re-elected
Cant wait for USA to fall so the world finally can have peace