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rip csgo
So I'm guessing they purposely used the slow speed and taking away the recoil on the rifle to make it suspicious but it just makes him look like a dumbass, for example the stewie "edge lock" wasn't ev...
tell me your IGN i guess your rank
Tell me your sens + mouse and I'll tell you your rank
2.6 sens 400 dpi g303
rape allowed in islam?
i wasn't sure before but now im 100% that this is a fucking bait and we all fell for it lmfao
rape allowed in islam?
Read my other comment, corrected myself lol, also it's got far more evidence supporting it than anything else
rape allowed in islam?
not 100% fact but it's well supported with substantial evidence to support it
rape allowed in islam?
A scientific theory is fact, did you not learn anything at school?
"Lost 4/4 pistol rounds. Lost 1v3, anti-ecos. We lost that match on our own mistakes. GL in the final SK!" "excuses"
but when he's stuck at default theres not much he can do when 3 ct's are going to peek him, i realize i fucked up by trying to argue this but holding default on cache is one of the hardest spots on th...
It doesn't make sense to restart it in a 1v3 where he's stuck on site though, i get miracles can happen but it's just that, a miracle
did you even read from the picture in my original post????
Friberg was in a 1v3 and stuck on site, saying the winner can't be determined is some massive disrespect to c9 as well as being scummy as fuck
it wouldn't break the rules though lol https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C46I_mMVYAAE27S.jpg
you're gonna die lol
Game:Rank Guessing.
Cache Nex C9 Ak Deagle