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NEO haters
I agree, I think that any polish team that want to at least have a chance of making it into tier1 has to have Neo or Taz. They have good knowledge about "how" good team should be structured, how to pr...
I'm a Chinese,u can ask anything here
Thanks for answer, got a couple more. Is history learning in China "tainted" by communist goverment or is it fine? E.g. Soviet Union hated the monarchy (duh) that preceded them and demonized them late...
I'm a Chinese,u can ask anything here
Ty man, I will add them to my to-read list.
I'm a Chinese,u can ask anything here
Ty, for info. Can you recommend any book that's good introduction into Chinese/East Asian history? From an asian historian but translated into english, if it's possible. History is my hobby but tbh I ...
I'm a Chinese,u can ask anything here
On history lessons at school, which chinese dynasties or periods are seen as the best and which one as the worst? Han dynasty as the best and maybe Qing as worst?
both teams got lucky and won rounds they shouldn't so crying about it is pointless
I r8 your Waifu thoughts?
energy drink alternative
+1 many people don't know that water dehydration can cause sleepiness and lack of energy so it can lead to them thinking that they "need to" drink coffee or energy drinks during the day
Polacks most sensitive people?
all nationalities on hltv are sensitive cuz average person there is 14 yrs old global
innocent's gf rekts thorin
pathetic tweet from snax and her, they're just proving thorin's point by replaying in that way lol
Intel Core i9-9900K confirmed
pubg and counter-strike
+1 paradox strategies can be played for hundreds of hours but are overwhelming for some beginners (+bilion DLCs scare people off)
Anime Profile pictures
I like to have an anime profile picture on my smurf just because of this stereotype
Snax - VP
could be a good move for either vp and snax (if he leaves)
The endless loop of Trust Factor
As if it works like that, nothing more than just an assumption. On my smurf (only csgo, 0 games, low level etc) where I get reported every game I rightfully have bad trust score and often play with o...