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Intel Core i9-9900K confirmed
pubg and counter-strike
+1 paradox strategies can be played for hundreds of hours but are overwhelming for some beginners (+bilion DLCs scare people off)
Anime Profile pictures
I like to have an anime profile picture on my smurf just because of this stereotype
Snax - VP
could be a good move for either vp and snax (if he leaves)
The endless loop of Trust Factor
As if it works like that, nothing more than just an assumption. On my smurf (only csgo, 0 games, low level etc) where I get reported every game I rightfully have bad trust score and often play with o...
weebs come here
-1 trash Rosario to Vampire feels are much heavier and touching
AWP takes NO skill
"I spend 1000h awping so it's easier for me than rifling" is very different to initial statement "awp is a lot easier than rifles" isn't it? pro example would be jdm, sick awper (well long time ago) ...
AWP takes NO skill
I don't play in silver so I don't know dude : D at normal ranks it's rare to find really good awper
They should disband for their own good. Something is just broken inside flipsid3, players like Worldedit should 1vs5 those teams
Is cromen good?!?!?
his aim is crisp
AWP takes NO skill
this, people think awp is only about "holding angles" lol, if that's all maybe just smoke or flash him? good awpers knows variety of spawn-based picks, timings where to look and how to position himse...
AWP takes NO skill
no it's not lol do you even play csgo?
Edward saved Na’Vi
good to see edward joining the server this tournament
boltz, coldzera ye but fer has decent english