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Bpro vs S&P
Because he is trying to compete, but no team want him.
Bpro vs S&P
Geko besides 2 months in Prophecy haven't played any "serious" cs:go matches. Yes, he was beast in 1.6, but nowadays he has no chances.
Bpro vs S&P
Nope, nowadays he is just playing for fun.
Bpro vs S&P
Nope. Should be 2-0 for Bpro. The best years for pNshr, MILENKO and GEKO are in the past, I don't think they can compete any more with the yougnsters.
AVANGAR vs Windigo
Actually on paper Avangar are the highest ranked team in the closed qual.
WESG = worst final ever?
So that does not prove your point. Do you make difference between team and organization ? Also windigo players signed new contracts with the organization just before the event.
WESG = worst final ever?
Windigo are playing in ESL Pro League so you will hear about them. Last season they were 1 place behind the ESL Pro League Finals.
Music for workout, gym...
no music, just grinding and heavy breathing
funny story btw. So I am in this esea open team. Me and my friends in team are all bulgarian and we are all between esea rank D+ and B. Most of us are MG1 right now. So we were playing in esea open an...
890k tournament
no delays, so its good and brings back old memories from 1.6 tournaments
Denial vs OpTic
He is talking about 2 maps total t rounds also.
Windigo vs Movistar Riders
Who will save more strats?
Can ENCE win WESG World Finals?
we all know finnish people dont laugh, too emotionless
Can ENCE win WESG World Finals?
You are not very smart, are you ?
Can ENCE win WESG World Finals?