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no msl no ez
Who is the G.O.A.T in csgo?
forest is right up there imo for his recent performances - he was practially keeping nip alive
iphone=richs; android=poors???
Many mobile sites pit the iphX vs the p20 pro, px2 and s9/+ and it gets bodied though Agree with you on software partially. Samsung only provides MAJOR version upgrades for 2 years, and then carries ...
eh if they can make playoffs in the major I'd solidly say they're back this could be another epicenter, who knows
this but unironically
mousesports vs North
to be fair he has been a fucking god this tourney
NiP vs Astralis
MiBR fans come here
MiBR fans come here
Bruh that game was monkaS right till the end. Don't diss mibr for giving us a good game :v
North vs Natus Vincere
Cache is North's permaban. MSL has said he isn't comfortable calling on it, so they generally don't play it.
mertz is fucking trash lmao heroic got fucked the last time they met and mertz was average at best
Astralis vs North
Chat shit, get banged.
Astralis vs North
tbh 2-1 astralis at most, i dont see north winning this
Astralis vs North
Magisk was insane. He basically got Dignitas Epicenter '16. He dropped off REALLY hard when they transitioned into North and aizy was added though.
Depression is a lie
well, that's the nihilistic view of life. Yet for some, that view spurs them on to make live meaningful any way they seem fit. Not all people aren't happy when they don't think about life - there are ...