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agreed, the best are the finals that they arent
FlatOut 2
never heard the soundtrack of it, but need for speed underground 2 and mx vs at unleashed got fucking godlike soundtracks imo
coolest stickers autographs of london major
smithzz best, YO LES NOOBS
Yes cuz superbowl is watched by millions and real football is by much much more people, so yeah handegg is inferior
OG Comeback
I don't play either, but damn Ana play good as fuck let's go OG
best budget smartphone
xiaomi is good as fuck, i have mi a1 and its fucking good
Cider for guys
taste more like alcohol than fucking cider that taste like kids juice
Cider for guys
i think its because of taste, beer taste like alchool, and cider taste like juice, so if dont taste like alchool is for pussies i think
Weed / Alcohol
well, when im drunk i never get hungover i dont know why, and i dont blackout or some shit cuz im not retarded to use it till i get alchool overdose, so for me alchool > weed
Portugal come here
Germans come here
im not german, but is on downhill because of politicians, and the politicians who is on charge last years are left or right? maybe this explain something, maybe explain even if AfD cant make germany g...
WWE Greatest Wrestler
eddie guerrero goat
last pes i played, if i remember it was pes 2016, and it was bullshit, cross or corners it was always goal no matter what, at least on fifa is more difficult to score goal
mean that u gey
NiP 1 Game Away from Major
give me