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wrong cops
Only 1 real friend
i knoe that feeling, i only have 2 friends tbh, rest are just people i know but not real friends to go out or anything, its sad, im just sad too, but dont lose hope and try to meet friends of your fri...
Forgotten HLTV memes
who cars I am not prokda wtf jw good but not best
xmas sux
your salary is low? you cant complain cuz some people receive even less u dont got good healthcare? you cant complain cuz some got none that logic of "some people" is bad, ofc some people are always w...
Presidents/Prime Minsiters
antonio salazar
Help me win over a girl
Dan isnt prokda
ill tell you ur iq
1. rain, right now no one deserve #1 imo 3.Lasagna 4.Valkyria Chronicles, half life and hellblade shenua sacrife, but i love alot of games 5.m4a4 6. dark mode 7. everything as long it dont have p...
AirPods pro
i got ones and i love themm my workplace have alot of noise and loud noise, and with when i put them it cancels alot of noise for me, at least is my opinion
AirPods pro
i got creative outiler air, only 80 euro and they are very good imo for the price, better than some 150 euro buds, they got good canceling noise, they fit well in ear, over 8 hour battery, aptx codec ...
teams shit w/o SG
where is furia?
french song battle
everyone is a fucker in this world so dont matter
girls appearance
i like the hair, i think that a good hair is what make a girl more appealing
french song battle
i dont follow orelsan, i just like that music and btw almost every musician during his career change his style and try new things, so in the past he did some style and now his style is different i gue...
french song battle
I hear 21900Hz
between 20000 and 20300