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no ketchup
I Guess if u are a Virgin og not
20 metal gear solid 5 phantom pain no no xtra thicc, only kinda thicc
well i dont know that, but for twins, they will need to pay alot more
they need twins and fnx, still under contract, only kng isnt, but yeah, a rich org can buy them easily, but i think that they need to pay more than rest of salary ,i think they need to buy the contrac...
Faze majors
by your logic fnatic > sk ;)
that if some1 buy them from contract with imt, because they got contract with imt and if no one buy them, imt may prohibit them to play for other team
how to sleep
I now that feel, but in my case I get really depressed
Fires in Portugal
Just get a suitcase with important stuff to save in worst case... But I hope that moment to not come
ELeague 2018 challengers
lies, u r illuminati trying to spread lies, nip is the major winner is rigged
Fires in Portugal
i live in what zone? braga right now is fire surrounding everything...
ELeague 2018 challengers
right now AGO is surprising me, they are playing very well
ELeague 2018 challengers
i think that nip will pass ez, and even be legends next major
Fires in Portugal
but from photos, not alot of vegetation, so is not easy to fire to pass
Immortal's major spot
not rly maybe, they still under contract, so if no one buy them out from contract and imt dont let them play in other team, they cant play in major
How allu really plays
"kys myself" "kill yourself myself" legit