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list god tier movies
serbian film its the best movie i ever seen Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma is a good movie too
Virtus Pro movie
i loved the video, cuz im a really big fan of vp old roster, i just love them, im just sad cuz u didnt use this play by pasha otherwise goodjob i loved it
You have been granted one wish
that is just one space between the 0 and the 1, yes u wished it, but wish wrong cuz its american dollars and in america use billion in a diferent meaning, and u use other meaning of billion, but im go...
You have been granted one wish
britain use pounds, i said dollars, so if i said dollars that is american currency u need to use american vocabulary and btw u said " 10 000 000 000 100 dollar bills" that is very bad wording u should...
You have been granted one wish
u cant, my wording as right, i didnt say "at least 1 billion" i said "1 billion" so my wording was right ;) u r the one that didnt wording right roflll
You have been granted one wish
u cant cuz u send "10 000 000 000 100 dollar bills" and not one billion as i ask, so u grant your wish incorrenctly
You have been granted one wish
i just want to be the same as i am now, only diference is that i got 1 billion dollars to spend, and the value of dollars and other currencies dont change
astralis goat
and? still 4 man core
astralis goat
Fnatic is back
not pgl, its plg
fnatic in 2016 still won tournaments in early 2016, but yeah then they fall, but im not saying about dominating most time, because that maybe belong to nip that dominate in 2012, 2013 and as pretty go...
Astralis so in a season fnatic as better cuz won more
astralis goat
astralis 2018 won 12 tournaments fnatic 2015 won 15 tournaments fnatic all time > astralis all time
u mean yeah yeah, back then fnatic in 1 year won more tournaments than astralis in 2018, so it was more dominant, but still astralis belong to the top
as i know, bill gates isnt a programmer, he just bought a s.o. from a small company, and later sell it as ms-dos and made alot of money, he didnt invent it, he can know how to program, but he wasnt a ...