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Vote for Putin 2018
look that doing your putin, police arrested little boy for poem Hamlet. is it normal for you?
SK = Monkeys
yellow thread
Christians = monkeys???
Christians are different, This guy hope for Trump:))It's already funny.
it's not your business, but you hate Ukraine for sure.
I also live in Ukraine and I have not met people like you, with your opinion. Probably you are separatist and want to sow hate to Ukraine.
typical fakeflagger that want to sow the hatred between Poland and Ukraine
Donbas war
without Russian support this war was end for month, it's fact
Atheist vs Believer
God Bless bro:)
Atheist vs Believer
"vulnerable to commit suicide or simply go insane" I know stories when people those turn to faith in Jesus be save from drug addiction, or sickness.. they was on the verge of suicide but keep Jesus...
Atheist vs Believer
God give to people a choice, to be good or to be bad. all trouble from evil human's hearts. God all-powerful it's half of truth, He can destroy this earth but He can't make this choice for you. It...
I visited Lviv
Poles are top haters of Ukrainians Poles are top haters of Muslims Poles are top haters of Sweden Poles are top haters of Brazilians Poles are top haters of Germans Poles are top haters of Russia...
Best flags?
nt, blue and yellow also is a colours of police special forces. and many many anothers. but your choice DS
Ukrainian steamer
but this is Russian culture, Russians language, are you insulting yourself?
what are you talking about? do you reads the Gospel? I'm don't preach to tolerance, but two most important commandments of Jesus about love to God and love to people. pls read the Sermon on the Mou...