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you're an idiot.
Natus Vincere vs BIG
Smooya onlinerbpiece if shit
that's the POINT... THEY ARE OUT OF BOTH TOURNAMENTS. this game was a junk. useless in all matters. they were not in the slightest mood to play after they didn't qualify to ECS.
you dumb fuck they're out of both tournys, winning some useless match vs heroic is going to make any change? use your brain
they're throwing. they're not in the mood for playing after not making it to ECS what's the point of playing?
mousesports vs FaZe
how come no English stream for such an important game? wtf
Heroic vs FaZe
Are FaZe eliminated or do they still have the chance to make it?
Astralis from a POV of a non-biased/non-hating hltv user
dupreeh "an actual, good pro player lmao" dude can shit on s1mple but yeah he's an "actual, good pro player"
HellRaisers vs FaZe
shut the fuck up and see his latest stats everyone on faze has had a bad day as of late niko droped 8 frags vs astralis so shut your mouth
Astralis boring
They're immaculate but it's true that they're boring to watch. Even a Windigo vs FaZe is more entertaining. In shape or not, FaZe and Mousesports will always be entertaining by their aggressive playst...
they'll hate no matter what. they don't want to see young kings prosper.
pics of his gf?
Post ctrl+v
Customs of the World
I mean you can be gay but there are better looking players to be gay for imo. No homo
Pimp Biased?
you can criticize him on anything but his English. It's just fine so cut the crap.