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IGLs overrated, proven by Fnatic
Lol yeah NA was notorious for that... James and kmode were probably the 2 worst aimers in pro CS history
gambit lul?
Kazakhstan has always been a LAN nation
Dont Hate Zeus
If you think old man Edward is gonna put up with s1mple's shit, you've got another thing coming
Gambit top 5?
If they make it to semis then yeah
Who cares anyway, it'll all change once the major happens
Wasted Talents?
REAL, OOPS.. pretty much any Norwegian fragger from 1.6. They needed strats badly. swag for obvious reasons. Masamaban1, if he left Spain he could have been like mixwell
Guess the #1 player of 2016 and i'll buy you a skin under 15$
Just because everyone is saying cold, gonna go with Fallen EDIT: Damn guy above beat me to it, how about flusha
Valve should unban ex-iBP and ex-Epsilon
They may have only directly impacted a few thousand people in a financial sense, but they indirectly hindered the growth of CSGO as a marketable sport for years and therefore harmed the entire communi...
Grid free on humblebundle
Just got it, thanks man
c++ or java
Everyone's gonna give you a different answer based on what their preference is. Both are good languages. Java was the most commonly taught language in schools up until recently, so you'll be able to f...
Maikelele to C9
If anyone is the problem it's shroud. However I think they just need to get a good coach
Liked watching Tim Cahill growing up, and also due to fellow burger Tim Howard