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Your biggest addiction
yup ^.~
Your biggest addiction
its filled with underage people just as much as it is filled with over age people acting like they are still 14. Its ez to fall back into behaving like a child on hltv, doesnt mean you actually are a ...
new accounts for faceit
but you have to play with client after a few games and that logs your hwid, thats instant proof?
new accounts for faceit
can you just create a second faceit account with a different steam account on the same pc? i thought you get multiaccount ban/its against the rules? i havnt played faceit for some years.
k1to r*pe
it wasn't meant to be rude, he was clearly searching for the correct word and couldn't find it. My guess is he thought in his mind: Wir haben sie zerstört. zerstört = destroyed/smashed, but he didn't ...
holy shit, its happening :O Thanks Mr. valorant
Joe biden?
Hillary getting her blackface ready ;)
Why is chess ez?
yeah i know its a throw away joke thread, but giving an actual reply doesn't hurt. I'm sure there are more than enough troll comments ^^ That's what i mean, it doesn't matter if you can actually play ...
Why is chess ez?
Tell me your elo again after 200-300 matches, if its steadily above 2k, then you can talk about being gifted. Otherwise its a bo1 between 2 probably garbage players and the outcome is a coin toss. I p...
Liquid vs Chaos
thats it, roster moves inc.
game sucks fucking dick. 10 games in a row blatent cheaters. uninstall after 16 years of playing. gj valve, hope cs dies, source2 will never come. just give up hope. i hoped for valve to do something ...
i r8 your song
Karrigan Retire