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Just got carried by HiKo AMA
carried by hiko in 2019 hope you feel ashamed
[15+] #2 Is she giving me signs?
hole is hole, i dont care if its black m8
1 is great (if you dont play on patch 1.4, which completly destroys the game with its KI bug) 3 is okay rest is a mediocre waste of time and just more/reskin of 3 imo
buy ryzen and invest the 20-30€ you save in to a nice fan, then overclock to 4.2ghz or sth.. you dont have to buy intel just because you have nvidia gpu.. its non sense, atleast for gaming nowadays. B...
Best movie ever
nice selection! +1
ah okay, thx!
compass says left lib and I voted left 8 years ago.. but i dont agree with the policies that left libs have taken on the last years and since i am not a child anymore i understand that there are a mul...
didnt mibr say they will not attend this tournament when it was first announced? When did that change, once they got the 5 brazil core back?
shoot up school my buddy wants
make sure you keep up to date with him and as soon as he makes any kind of realistic Plans, buys or attains weapons of any kind, or if his mental state seems to drastically change, go to the police as...
Rate my beat x14
the melody part and stuff its mostly fine even tho its not my style at all. Clapping is really low tier sound, too loud and doesnt sound fitting to me. Whole thing sounds like an overdone Intro to me...
when did u reach global?
When the ranking system got released(2013?) with 31 wins.
How old are you?
hltv is different, im pretty sure atleast 50% are over 20 years old. theres still tons of 1.6 players on here and they are all over 18 by now. Also alot of people like me who are here for over a decad...
Underrated German players?
ayken he is an annoying retard, i cant stand him. But he is one of the best players we have. He doesnt care about anything but winning the game.People paint him as a cheater and thrower but i dont thi...
Salary female cs
sadly i dont have much hope either, it seems so predictable how it will pan out. Some way it will work itself out.. lets hope it will happen quickly without the remainder of the century going to shit(...
fps drops when moving mouse
:( do the usual-> take hammer and smash alot then buy better pc :(