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RiP George Bush [*]
Every President did bad stuff, this is a though job, many of us dont understand this.
Right wingers
Most of the theories you mentioned are right
NiP can beat Astralis today
Astralis too strong in playoffs
Waiting for Niko apology
gg rip balkan scene
+18 R8 my teacher
Germans come here
We have the Arabs ez
God & Heaven [+18]
You´re maybe honest, but you´re nonetheless a sinner, so you would burn in hell with the "hypocrites" you mean.
Natus Vincere vs BIG
BIG paying too much respect to s1mple
Mibr need taco
Then its the same with stewie and fer too agressive both.
NiP > fnatic by far
NiP is better since fnatic have lost his 2015/2016 core. Only with Golden for 2 month fnatic were better.
germany suicidal tendencies?
I dont think it will change alot, because the parents of this generation right now, raised at the 68er protests and are left as well. Some minds will change, but overall we will see more left. The spe...
germany suicidal tendencies?
The people in the world need to change their view, we have to think more conservative and try to help 3rd world countries with the education and support them and not talk 24/7 about how many genders i...
germany suicidal tendencies?
The problem is that the oldies who voted for CDU/SPD are slowy dying. The young generation itself is left, they tolerate everything and think this world is a disney land. Watch at the bavarian electio...
Natus Vincere vs FaZe
s1mple mvp fazte 2-0