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Germans/ Bavarians come here
Every bavarian who is not voting for CSU is indeed stupid, they are the most successful state and thats not an accident. Never change a running system :) Only because its boring, you should not give a...
To be honest america has many flaws, but without this america we wouldnt have this freedom. I dont understand this america hate in the western world.
ex religion
The example is jesus and his teaching if some other priest is saying something different hes wrong and every human being got his own mind and you should take use of it as a christian.
ex religion
Can u please give me one vers where Jesus commanded to kill someone?
ex religion
There are thousands leaving the church here in germany and i never heard of an execute
From Moldova Q&A
And restaurant visits?
From Moldova Q&A
I have friends in balti, i want to visit the country next year probably, how are the prices for an european?
kio, scream, snax, byali, karrigan
yes thats the risk
From Moldova Q&A
From which city are u?
Socialism in Venezuela
Should snax & byali create a polish team?
who is hades?
I’m a German, you can ask me anything
+1 small cities are beautiful and much safer.
I’m a German, you can ask me anything
Do they disappointed you or what would u vote now
I’m a German, you can ask me anything
Which party do u vote 2017
STYKO lovers come here
Can someone find a team for me where a comeback of a player went well? I think of old fnatic how they failed after their comeback