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[18+] Donald Trump migrants
You can be sure that there is going on a big campaign to impeach him. Every day something new. Hopefully he will stay strong against people like Sanders...
5 vs 6 days in school
5 days school 2 days free ez best
I'm dating my teacher, AMA.
Why is a teacher gping out with a student?? Has she invited you to your home or what??
I'm dating my teacher, AMA.
You said to your teacher that you want to go sightseeing with her?
I'm a jew AMA
ah okay, then you can try to get a israeli passport ^^
I'm a jew AMA
Nationality of your friends? You had any issues in school reagarding your nationality?
I'm a jew AMA
Do your friends know that you are jewish?
+shox +smithzz could be a major winning team
Coldzera NiKo hunteR- Aleksib AWP
Homophobes come here
Still one of the best presidents the US ever had.
Homophobes come here
Sorry, but that's disgusting, just look at this Video... Quote Ronald Reagan: “My criticism is that [the gay movement] isn’t just asking for civil rights; it’s asking for recognition and acceptance o...
Create your Swedish Superteam
Isn't JW pretty outdated? He doesn't have a proper role and is a shadow of himself tbh... But Coach pronax could probably be worth a try.
NiKo coldzera flusha +2 coldzera wants to play with NiKo
Church Girl
I mean which catholic or more evangelical? You have to consider it, because many of the evangelicals are pretty conservative and don't have relationships before marriage.
Church Girl
Which church?