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Angola é nossa Olivença é nossa
la li lu le lo
Wait? You are one of the Philosophers from Metal Gear? whaaaaaaaaaaaaat
HELP (no troll please)
dude actually moving to another place may be a good thing and if you prefer you friend in the other city go for it, visit you old pals and family sometimes in vacations. Girls there are many, you are ...
HELP (no troll please)
We are talking distances? The girl are u just going out or dating? Not the best place to get advice, reddit is probably the best source for this
TOP 3 Coaches
1 Zonic 2. Zews (his work with Liquid) 3. Adren?
rx 570 4gb ryzen 5 2600
yes i have the same setup with an 570 8GB 200+fps in some maps pick 580 4gb is better or 1060 6gb
ill guess your age
[18+] Rate girl
u gay bro
Coldzera was the problem now they win 100% winrate ajhahahahdsahdiuhaoidhpai ´LUL
best lineup alltime
HeatoN SpawN Potti fisker ahl Hyper EZY MAJOR BOYS
i guess age
2.3k 2.2sens 400dpi dont play anymore dony have one GTR
-coldzera +kNg
no ezy for israel
Your 5 least favourite pros
byali old simple kng Espiranto(noisy bitch, i remember he had a beef with fox because he won a game and then fox tem wrecked them (Dignitas time? idk... those memes where pretty good) context: https:...
-coldzera +kNg
I would shoot for fnx for the major and Hen after why u ask? i think valve bans players that tried to qualify for the major right (not sure? correct me if im wrong) soo fox and Hen1 would not be avail...