I do a community service in reminding the people of Brazil that they're less than Juman, poor, breed from slaves, and stupid.
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SK and NiP are the same level of teams
Thanks Finland
How long did you have to peddle your bike to make that comment?
Favela doesn't realize people can change their flags. Just humor him, he's not a person.
Stay mad Favela Won't make you any less poor
SK and NiP are the same level of teams
I think NiP can beat SK now that they've had time under their new IGL.
Anyone with good English
I'd remove the last "The", and maybe make "Study" plural. Other than that it looks fine. I think it gets your point across pretty well. Good Luck Khazakstani Friendo.
I knew Favelas were stupid, but this stupid? Boltz was the only reason they were winning games.
Your dream car ?
Spyker C8 Aileron
SK vs Liquid
Taco is officially not a Favela, and Stew is a Favela. He got his ass beat in Libtard California, he wouldn't last in Monkey Land. Ez 2-0 for Liquid. SK got a Free 2-0 playing T30 Teams
ww2 best army? Not simultaneously
The Favelas are getting Free wins. Their rankings are being inflated so hard.
ww2 best army?
They then fought against them. Finland fought on 2 sides of the war
prove your flag!
kosovo je srbjia
ww2 best army?
#1. Finns, they had all the advantages but still, they obliterated both the Nazi, and USSR. #2. Soviets #3. America #4 Nazis #5 Ethiopia
Who will C9 get?
-Ska -fns +NBK (Support, helping Tarik Call) +Apex/ Lekro/ Ethan/ Nifty* as Entry (*Or AWP) If it's anyone but Nifty Tarik goes to AWP. Everyone else stays the same I think the most likely path is g...