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‘Global Warming’
shut the fuck up trik
big tits >ass
small tits & ass > big tits & ass
YouTube Censorship
the free market decided 🤷
Why do people still think socialism works?
ok cool
restart your pc?
Why do people still think socialism works?
"Do you think socialism have failed in Scandinavia, Finland and almost all of EU?" There's no Socialism in Scandinavia, Finland and almost all of EU
Look this goddess my eyes blinded
she really isn't
(18+) Youtube pedophiles exposed
ackchyually it's hebephilia
Look this goddess my eyes blinded
what is a good salary in your opinion
depends on where you live? 50k might be a lot in some rural area but it won't be in Munich
which are the few "rules" of an anarchist society. No killing, raping, stealing etc. pp.. basically my freedom ends where your freedom begins. It's not like you can just go around and kill people lik...
ok thanks
so it actually wasn't. You're argueing for a hypothetical case where Hitler didn't invest in his war machine but it's stupid discuss that case because we can't know what would have happened to the eco...
well if your definition says so. I'm sure that random website knows what I believe in better than I do. Most anarchist agree that there need to be some rules, although not many. Just like many believe...
No. it's true that the economy wasn't sustainable and there were shortages. It's also true that Hitlers advisor told him that the system was unsustainable but Hitler wanted to get germany ready for wa...