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does pineapple belong on pizza?
Avocados are pretty exotic but they do belong in tortillas in the form of guacamole. But I'd have to agree about pineapples. When Pizza was invented in Italy pineapples weren't very common in Europe....
worst csgo youtubers
I'm not buying it. I find it extremely hard to believe that you called a German you dislike a Nazi just because it was the first insult that came into your mind and it had nothing to do with the fact...
worst csgo youtubers
See, your mistake was because of antipathy towards German people, while mine was a small issue of terminology while defending the innocent party you were insulting. One doesn't call anybody a Nazi by...
worst csgo youtubers
Calling somebody a Nazi is an insult. My bad for saying racist by the way. Should've said Teutophobic.
worst csgo youtubers
ok my friend nice bait good talk see you around
worst csgo youtubers
It's not about him It's about your racist ass seeing a German do something mean and start calling them a Nazi. How is calling Germans Nazis any better than insulting Russians in some way?
worst csgo youtubers
To not injure or kill innocent people? Basically you're saying that murder is okay if you kill yourself too. Do you think school shootings where the shooter kills themselves after killing multiple in...
worst csgo youtubers
I did check it. I'm saying that you saying "I used the wrong term, should've said chauvinist instead" doesn't make the fact that you originally called him a Nazi any better.
worst csgo youtubers
Don't give a shit really. Whatever he said about Russians doesn't justify you calling him a Nazi. German does something mean =/= they're a Nazi. Your original comment wasn't just stupid. It was also...
worst csgo youtubers
You don't like someone = they're a nazi ok
worst csgo youtubers
You do realise that McSkillet was driving in oncoming traffic? Completely and utterly his fault.
Can men get raped?
Tenz should be banned from online CS
I have one more Turkish for your list men (retarded turkic) I would say he grew up in turkey but judging by his comments he hasn't grown up yet.
french counting WTF ?
Have you seen the Danish word for number 50? "Fifty is halvtreds, which stands for halvtredje-sinds-tyve, meaning “third half times twenty”, or “two scores plus half of the third score” [2½ * 20]."