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Prove "Black Lives Matter" is wrong
pronax wtf
Altho he kinda rekt karrigant .. from what i've seen of this guys tweets .. doesn't seem in a good place mentally
mouz vs c0ntact
These matches are legit just friendlies in players their viewingpoint. I remember Snappi used to queu with smooya against me on faceit lol. Also I dont think there's much difference between the teams ...
harry and hugo
I respect anyone who is able to these 2 shit casters. Makes me want to punch my screen whenever I hear one of them laugh
This post is actually funny since it comes from a russian(potentially, could be fakeflagging)
that's not a decent map to play cs
lmao whenever im playing T-side overpass I can literally run either mid or long for free
For those with FPS lags
haha thanks actually made me laugh :D it's the only thing that somewhat motivates me though
For those with FPS lags
dnno but I lost 0.10 K/D this week because I was so frustrated with my game lagging. installing 20 new drivers just to realize that shit caused it
after a while I personally believe cs.go relies more on positioning and patience/utality usage rather than aim.. but I believe im not an actual good player. I lack patience most of the times, which is...
hi 2700 ELO btw but im not good at this game unfortunately
Neo vs Sweden
good old clanbase :( I want these golden ladders back again ez #1
Your csgo warmup.
Might be me, but after so many hours of cs you should have figured out how to spray by now. No need to warm-up just play and see what happens.
blameF is stronger than device?
altho he seems to be baiter, can't argue about that fact that he's very clever in doing so. lots of impact
NiKo's price
how have players become this expensive?