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Agree with both, altho Zeus does have good mid-round calls once every 3 matches.
Why are people so afraid?
Everyone is throwing arguments here. I don't know why I should add to it. Religion doesn't work, cultures don't work together and especially not from arabic countries since they are obsessed with it.
Why are people so afraid?
Don't even understand why people respond to topics like this on hltv. he's obviously baiting or a complete retard.
dunno man .. I watched all VP matches the past 3 years and he seemed to understand the game the least.
unfortunately for him you also have to be able to think in a professional match
71 kills still didnt win
was just listening this song and saw this topic .. what a coincedence
no clue tbh. I dont watch Gambits games or w/e AdreN was playing for. Time will tell. Hopefully someone will challenge Astralis. getting tired of these idiots who still look like 16y olds
looks like FaZe is enjoying being Astralis' bitch
Pasha is streaming Now!
dunno why so many people care about him streaming, especially when you see him playing vs s1mple, f0rest etc.. wish they'd stream instead of him :D
VP Majors GOAT proof
VP could've done so much better at majors than they have done .. altho they were always considerd the ''final boss'' they definitely had their moments of choking
GuardiaN vs kennyS
tbh I hardly watched GuardiaN or KennyS in 2014/2015/2016, but from what I've seen of them i'd say KennyS is superior to GuardiaN. the matches ive seen GuardiaN lose for FaZe by just missing sitters i...
GuardiaN vs kennyS
Guardian has just been more fortunate with his teams the past years lol
Rate GeT_RiGhT GF
my point was that if he has a kid with that, his kid would hardly look like him. dunno why anyone would want that
Rate GeT_RiGhT GF
he must be damn proud once he has an asian kid as a swede. i can't even comprehend how....
VP in 2k19
VP = TaZ NEO pasha. please change name