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Vitality vs Astralis
S1mple didn't deserve even top 2 last year, top 1 was between device and zywoo imo, this year it's between s1mple and device, but it's February so still everything can happen.
Your has you country done for the world??
The first industrial alcohol factory was established in 1782 in Lviv(Baczewski), Mendeleev was born in 1834.
Polaks hate Germany/Germans
The first thing I said there is that I like germans, because they have nothing to do with ww2, and I have no reason to hate them, but some people are unforgiving and it will take few generations of fr...
Polaks hate Germany/Germans
For germany its simple - germans started ww2 and lost it, and eventually they are doing good right now, so they have no reason to cry, but we got invaded by germany, our allies didnt help us, they jus...
Polaks hate Germany/Germans
its just a fact, read a little bit about polish-german history and then say that we weren't enemies, ofc we can be friendly to each other, but that takes time after hundreds years of hate
Polaks hate Germany/Germans
I like germans, but I dont like their language, idk why but I just cant stand hearing german everyday, its the worst language. I guess that other poles hate germans mainly beacuse of ww2 and beacause ...
Poland is a joke
We just have too many people that graduated from shit universities and cant do anything useful, so they become teachers, then we have too many shit teachers, so they are paid less than discount store ...
snax, byali + 3 bots
can agree
8 RAM or 16 RAM??
Never buy only one stick, a lot of problems in some games, stuttering and freezing. I had 1x8gb for 1 year, now I have 2x8gb and I got +30/40fps in cs go, and I dont have any problems with performan...
159 but my friend helped me with one question and I was analyzing one question for over 10 minutes :D
reason ZyWoo good
People who think zywoo > s1
NAVI = s1mple 9/10 skill, electoronic 8/10 skill, and 3 baiters 1/10 skill VITALITY = zywoo 10/10 skill, and 4 baiters 5/10 skill zywoo better, more baiters to help, and overall better players, thats ...
s1mple > device > zywoo . Change my mind.
"when you consider the fact that hes an AWPER" device and s1mple not using awp, 8/8 mens
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ye, thats why 8/8
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8/8 voice men