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New dust 2
The new dust II is fucking garbage, how the fuck are people actually liking it? It looks like literal shit
drinking age in ur country
21 but I'm still drunk as shit
Should I go to gym?
Yes, you should go to the gym. Lifting first, cardio last
Should I go to gym?
No, always gain muscle before cutting
Favorite cartoons?
It's a good show though
Miami Flamingos vs mouseSpaz
My name is ShakeZulla the Mic rulla, the old schoola, you wanna trip? I'll bring it to ya
Hottest female player
Vega Squadron vs OpTic
No Jason no win
Sweden is fucking shithole
Dunno if you are srssr but you need to cut out porn or only watch the kind that makes you feel good, this shit is actually pretty common. Porn sucks, it will only get worse and cause more anxiety unle...
NRG vs Renegades
Why tf did NRG kick markE?
shit region in ur country
Worst parts of the U.S. are the South and the Middle states, lots of poor areas, meth, and gangs. Best states are on the West, some parts of California are bad though
favorite beer?
Stella Artois Modelo
refugee killed 5 y.o. boy in Germany
Then fix your own fucking country you mongoloid, most of them don't even want to be here. If they'd stop being fucking pussies and fix there own shut they wouldn't have to be refugees
refugee killed 5 y.o. boy in Germany
Sadly this shit happens every fucking day, I Used to hate Trump but he's right, let them destroy there own fucking countries not ours. The leftists defending this bullshit need to be exiled too. Very ...