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If you could time travel
try to become the biggest btc whale also tell my younger self to stop fapping too much tbh
im feeling thank you
52k on c9 vs astralis
>betting >ON CLOWN9 you deserve your loss
crypto coins
not sure, i didnt really follow it. imo its just the institutional investors moving their money around hence the random pumps between the top 10 coins recently. the pumps literally came out of nowher...
crypto coins
no problem. i forget to mention that the second coins i mentioned have a much lower marketcap than coins like litecoin, which means that they have much more room to grow and the risk isnt really there...
crypto coins
if you are willing to hold longterm (at least 1 year+) and want to minimize the risk then i would recommend you to just choose one of the top 3 i.e. btc, ethereum or litecoin. if you dont really care...
crypto coins
how long would you be willing to hold your shares/coins?
crypto coins
id recommend you to look at other coins because there are many other and better concepts out there and i wouldnt buy into anything he recommends you since this csgo gambling shit
crypto coins
id do it right now. if you watched the other pumps i.e. iota, ltc etc, you know that it wont last long
crypto coins
>Dont be too emotional about the price could mean anything lmao
crypto coins
you forgot to mention fomo buying and panic selling if you learn to control these two, theres almost nothing stopping you from making money in general, having control over one's feelings is key when t...
crypto coins
stay away from it, trust me but if you really want to invest id recommend (as at any coin) to first read the whitepaper, roadmap, learn what is does or will do, check out the team and advisers etc
crypto coins
just out of interest, where did you see naga first?
crypto coins
what kind of tips are these lol this is basic information and if you think its gonna pump again because itll hit another exchange then you are pretty retarded, considering its already on bitfinex
just out of interest, how long did it take for you to write that?