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auti, rush, vice, wardell, daps ez profit
Kng needs a better team
kng burned too many bridges, his only option is build a team with new players, maybe help develop them. brazil has a lot of talent, what INTZ really needs is a good IGL, im not sold on yel
definitely not OP, but people don't want aug to be better than m4, hence the cry; imo aug/krieg should not be more precise than ak/m4 if not scoped, also the spray pattern on the krieg is ridiculous
krimz was a top3 player for a good part of the year, i think its fair
FaZe, what do they need?
just get another veteran star and let niko do his thing; they are commited to him and if he didn't believe in karrigan, he is not gonna believe in any other IGL anyway
Did taco make liquid better?
taco is better than steel, but liquid's problem is elige/naf/twistz taking turns disappearing on finals. and thats precisely why sk worked, cold and fer ALWAYS delivered twistz is getting more and mor...
kennys, guardian and fallen depending on what you think is more important if you include 1.6 then its hard to pinpoint what is most important, but for csgo its those three
Non sens BR's buyout
felps struggled because he had to change his playstyle from hyper aggressive to passive/lurker; trk and ksc are much more passive players, so i don't think it would be that difficult
Non sens BR's buyout
its not free, its a pretty huge buyout, and honestly that might come back to bite them. its not a guarantee that trk or ksc will be good players against tier 1 competition, just look at guys like dest...
Kscerato will not be the 5th mibr
its clear by now that both ksc and trk have not been picked up by mibr because of buyouts. stands to reason that they know getting the band together and play the same way does not work anymore. that b...
Optic Karrigan
-snappi -niko +karrigan +es3tag
FaZe changes guessing game.
-karrigan +snax
Br team after major 2019
thats a decent option as well, he was igl'ing for lumi at the end
Br team after major 2019
imo lumi is gonna keep nekiz for a couple of months and intz just gonna bring an IGL to replace felps, maybe pkl; teamone and furia should not change players
as far as we know, both taco and felps left the team because the other three players didn't want to change roles, after the failed attempt with the americans, they could be willing give taco and felps...