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TOP 20 Players Of CS:GO
coldzera? LMAO lose 1v1 against ENCE 0-5 windingo kkkkkkkkkkk what drugs are you using?
is FURIA the new SK in potentical?
well you're better than an pairs of teams from North America does not mean you're better than MIBR, it means you're having better results against much lower teams. have nice day and we will see mibr ...
is FURIA the new SK in potentical?
AVANGAR on major well the best results of furia was online bro :DDDDDDDDDDDDD NICE excuse
is FURIA the new SK in potentical?
Furia lost to Avangar Furia lost NRG tarik kicked from mibr (mibr is worse than furia, then you lose to a guy who played on MIBR) no make sence for me Dude when I think of an awp of the same level a...
is FURIA the new SK in potentical?
not like fallen bro sorry both are low than coldzera and fallen they are max new immortals
is FURIA the new SK in potentical?
+1 who is fan of an team never won anything in lan
is FURIA the new SK in potentical?
they no have an awp like fallen they no have an player like coldzera , they are just new immortals
Brazil crowd solution
When I see an europe tournament and I compare it with the Brazilian crowd, it seems middle east vs europe, Brazilian crowd of 10 people 1 or 2 with light eyes, 90% dark hair and some flip flops
Brazil crowd solution
who cares about the crowd? majority are ugly people and 0-10 was much for them
we won this war 😎
why would no care? top3 in Brazil by hltv rank, i cant imagine the top4 below how bad they are.
Countries you've personally gone to compared to your home?
UAE, pakistan? LMAO , only for visit if you are an women citizen in this country you would less rate
Windigo $500k
hmm did not know that the currency of bulgaria was strong ... it's like 1 for 1.70 and poland money is like 1 for 4