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gtx 1060(3gb)
i have a 1060 6gb and i7 7700k with a shitty motherboard. but i dont think thats really important for streaming right?
gtx 1060(3gb)
is an i7 7700k enough?
Ghost vs OpTic
Hes not he playing from NA
OpTic vs Ghost
OpTic roster
only to have NAF be the homesick one xd
Ak-47 should it be nerfed or improved
"Several players in passing mentioned the P250, a $300 pistol with 13 rounds that can be fired reasonably accurately while on the move. A single round to the head from the P250 will kill you, whether ...
Ak-47 should it be nerfed or improved
that statement is even more retarded, obviously pistols arent better than m4's but its about the RELATION
Ak-47 should it be nerfed or improved
im sure thats the exact reason why people, including pros, have said many times that pistols have to be nerfed if you dont like my reasoning, fair enough you dont have to, but if you think: https://ww...
Ak-47 should it be nerfed or improved
i didnt mean to say that the m4 needs a buff, i just put it in relation for certain situations where its fucked up how a cheap pistol can beat you, although if you shoot first they can only survive wi...
Ak-47 should it be nerfed or improved
thats exactly what its about? if you have an m4 with full equipment, so also headarmor, and you get one tapped by a pistol possibly even someone without armor just because hes close range while you d...
Ak-47 should it be nerfed or improved
how so
Ak-47 should it be nerfed or improved
yea its stupid that pistols on close range can one shot while the m4 cant, really annoying
Juliano live
everyone can have good games that doesnt matter, but if you look at her stats you can see that those games are more than rare
Juliano live
thats actually not true, i watched her play multiple times because i dont just rely on what people say and she barely ever has any impact in the games. she didnt even qualify for it herself but got in...
Juliano live
at least put a girl thats actually decent at the game and doesnt get carried through fpl-c