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Brazilian are known in SA for using cheats in all games. lul Then it should be unfair for all Brazilians under the age of 13 who have used cheats
Best players 2019
Niko or s1mple and maybe zywoo? IDk but ppl hate him.
Razer Deathadder issue
Is 2013? I had that problem when I used 1000hz and synapse. Try 500hz and uninstall synapse.
Why EC2-A is shit
g203 or gpro hero I have more consistency with g203 than the gpro in cs go.
top3 mouse u played with
Here is hard to find zowie and steelseries mices, there are some steelseries and razer, but are expensive. More accessible are logitech. For me: g100s g403-g203
I like friberg clips when he was in NIP, better than s1mple frags.
Best Budget Mousepad for CS GO
Genius gx best mousepad
52 kills 1v9
Best aimers
Niko s1mple Xantares f0rest Scream
Your sensitivity?
I sometimes change dpi. I've tried to play at 1600dpi, it's fine but, after using it, I feel it accelerate. So I ussually play at 500dpi and 800 or 1000dpi sometimes.
what's better? 960vs770
I have the 960 with an average of 250fps, but in some maps as cache I have drops of fps. I do not know if this is for the gpu or the cpu. Or it can be the map.
The Quest vs Old Guys Club
Silent NA xGod
country with worst history
USA, BrazIl, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay Canada? an other american countries. It seems that its history is similar to USA
Prettiest girl name?
Mirella, Camila, Daniela
wash mousepad or buy new one?
No, but washed feels better.