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[Poll] If you could, would you start over again without Video Games?
skinny arms what to do
Nothing you can do about your bone structure, however smaller wrists = illusion of a bigger forearm, soo aslong as you start working out you will be fine trust me, the first year of lifting you will b...
Canada Major Plz
Actually i would say Sweden has pretty good chances getting one.
Problem with girl
Fucking hell man, you could be gone tommorow and the same goes for her, just go to a local nice park or smth and tell her straight forward, since i cant completely tell what kind of relation the both ...
Wild guess as a swede, rolf is kinda a oldschool name here in sweden and rutin means experience/routine = ''old guy that has been in the game a while''.
Going to gym...
I started going to the gym when i was 18 because i was tall and skinny as fuck, my main goal was ofc to add some weight and ''look better'', however as you progress you realise its more than just impr...
Going to gym...
Mirage 70/30 Astralis , Nuke 80/20 Astralis
i never tried nofap for more than 2 weeks
Im fairly active in the gym and in my early 20's, i tried nofap for a week and felt like an animal, girls who i would never fancy was sexy to me, i would basicly fuck anything at that point, however w...
new europe
Eliminate all of them, there should only be one condition and thats for them to cook HIGH quality döner/kebab or else they shouldnt be allowed into the country, everyone should be tested upon arrival.
Should i go?
Go hangout with ur gf?
uk faceit scene...
Rate model
Indias most good looking women = average girl on the street in Sweden
You trying to motivate some kids i can understand, but what is wrong with your attitude? Ive seen your posts aswell in the past and ur trying to play some kind of tough/hard guy? When in reality you a...