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i have 50$ for spending
spend in club ez
Missionary Position
i clicked what happens now
Your Top 5 rappers
Who is better
muslim vs. gay
a gay do not choose to be gay and you cant hate them for being different. A muslim choose to be stupid and believe in something wich has no proof and make no sense
Your Top 5 rappers
1. EMINEM 2. Slim Shady 3. Marshall Mathers 4. B-Rabbit 5. The white guy from D12
NiP are gonna choke
Stop complain AUG
If they just got rid of the scope we good. Kills with the scope is so lame and no skill
if hltv was a city.
"lots of fist fights" no
This is best major since 2015. Just unfortunate with tech issues. All majors 2016-2018 we just wait for teams to change roster or injured players etc.
Rip pickem
Anyone who picked MiBR for 3-0 deserve to be fucked in ass by fat guy who screams " I LOVE WHEN MY FAT STICK GETS IN UR ASS" when he cums
hardstyle most valuable meme faceit major
SD in Sweden
No it was from 2006 to 2014 don't know why I wrote 2012.. The point is not that they changed the policy as would be expected of a serious party. They changed their policy for a problem they created an...
NiP jersey
They look better on the broadcast than that shitty pic they released. 2014 jersey still best.
SD in Sweden
They are a party wich change policy when it suits them just like with this. They are one of the parties wich have said SD voters are racist because they think immigration is a problem. Now when they r...
SD in Sweden
SD kinda sucks but whats the option? People who know there is a massive problem with immigration are ready to sacrifice other things to get rid of this massive problem that the other parties has refus...