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Is TACO retarded?
Ropz owned that thread. Anyway, taco should relax. I always thought more of him than this...
AVANGAR vs Windigo
This was a was brutal...
Heroic vs Natus Vincere
Lol - my thoughts exactly.
Heroic vs North
Awp is pretty much useless vs. all these augs anyway
Heroic vs North
Definitely a possibility. If cajunB can igl
Heroic vs North
I hate to say it, because I really believed in this lineup. But win or lose, this North team is done. They need new blood. And aizy looks like he is about to retire. He has no confidence what so ever.
North vs ViCi
That's it for North I think. If they fuck this up they will disband.
Cloud9 vs BIG
Way to lose a game big.... jesus
FaZe vs Cloud9
Two hard fought comebacks for overtime and then this. What the fuck :D
Exactly? Which makes them overpowered compared to their price.
They are OP in regards to economy, which is by far the most important aspect of professionel cs.
IBP winner doesnt matter
I feek bad for anyone spending 10 hours in plane for this shit. Atleat faze got the Eleague invitational to look forward to, but astralis who normally dodge events they dont prioritize must feel reall...
Dude he is writing about his own performance, not the event. He doesn't have to write about the event, I think we all agree it was the worst event the last 2 years.
Luminosity vs FaZe
Delays, who would have known.
valde > zywoo
Valde has been good for a long time. Getting top20 on north is a god damn nightmare. I do however think zywoo has a lot of potential aswell. Both has the potential to change games more often than no...