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Coca Cola or Pepsi?
If you're looking to start an argument by pointing out me making a typing mistake, you're not going to get one lmao
Liquid + stewie
Coca Cola or Pepsi?
obviously i meant milligrams mr 17 IQ
Coca Cola or Pepsi?
I'll eat and drink whatever I want, I'm just not going to say what i'm eating is healthy because its slightly healthier than something else.
Coca Cola or Pepsi?
Sugars are in almost everything you eat. Just because something is in something else, doesn't make it good for you. Just because something is better than something else doesn't mean its good for you....
Coca Cola or Pepsi?
90 grams of caffeine isn't good for you regardless my dude
Coca Cola or Pepsi?
coffee is horrible for you lmao
Coca Cola or Pepsi?
sprite isn't comparable to mountain dew, sprite is lemon lime as mountain dew is citrus. Mello Yellow is the competition from coke for mountain dew. And it is so much fucking better than mountain dew...
faze theory
lekr0 or krimz could be better easily
Respect OGC
Its not a minor its a minor qualifier Its literally the qualifier for the qualifier for the qualifier for the major. They could reschedule.
opinions =/= fact or fiction you imbecile
liquid s1mple
Do click its oczosinko
-nitr0 +daps
Losing 1 player when your team is built around that player will completely change your strats and team play. You didn't even make an argument there, you just called mine stupid, i'll take that as you...
-nitr0 +daps
+1 if they think adren is a better IGL then daps then nitr0 is DEFIANTLY a better igl LMAO
-nitr0 +daps
LOL you're so clueless. Their best player BY FAR was naf and he was transferred to liquid. You're literally only helping my point by pointing out zeus' achievements. He's a great IGL, but he isn't ve...