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Make 1 change in CSGO
Reverse the spray change
Vitality vs LeftOut
Lets go nukkye and Scream
Valiance vs Imperial
no nukkye no win
Winstrike vs forZe
Winstrike is fucking stupid they should kick balblna and jmqa and keep waterfallz and kvik
2ez vs OpTic India
Thanks IndianGuy
Why does ScreaM use QSZD movement?
lmao this retard used it for real hahaha
Quit smokin'.
Don't make forum threads after 2 days lmao
Thoorin called us Retards
Should Smurfing be Bannable?
I would only smurf to teach my lower ranked friend to play better and to help him rankup faster but it just takes too long to rankup even if your on a massive winning streak lowering the number of mat...
Should Smurfing be Bannable?
Make smurfs rank up faster if they win lots of games in a row it would be fair for both the normal players and even the good players who are just on a roll so they would play less games in ranks that ...
Endpoint vs k1ck
Why do they even let Robbin play this kid is the worst player on the team
Endpoint vs k1ck
You my dude are retarded every game you spew the same bullshit that every game is match fixed you even name yourself that how fucked in the head are you lmao
PLINK vs k1ck
Do you really think that a Respected Coach and a former tier 1 Professional player who want's to make this team good would throw games for a few thousand $, personally i just think that they lack majo...
PLINK vs k1ck
Arch is just so bad they need a young super star player instead of this bad support player, Kalinka main role isn't a star player but he could be a good support
3DMAX vs Tempo Storm
Death threats for losing a bet ohh boy someone doesn't take responsibility for their actions and instead attacks pro's