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ex-Morior Invictus vs GX
It is clear that swag was upset about forfeiting the fucking qualifier in witch he carry'd GX the shit out of whole time and to forfeit an easy match like that to play this shitty worthless match is s...
MANS NOT HOT vs Space Soldiers
- Percy and thats a pretty good fucking team
Vega Squadron vs MANS NOT HOT
Vega Squadron vs MANS NOT HOT
MVP PK vs Uniquestars
If Uniquestars wins this all of the Quarter-final games are upsets lmao
1337HUANIA vs Crowns
it was confirmed 2 weeks ago with multiple tweets lmao
1337HUANIA vs Invictus Aquilas
6 losing streak vs 8 xD
Espiranto wasn't even carrying them in any of the premier games he was very underwhelming in premier compared to fpl but this new forb guy looks good
ez 4 meesha
Natus Vincere vs Space Soldiers
tai gerai toliau nesamones rasyk ir gincykis su zmonem per interneta tik del to kad Lietuva maza pavadino lul
Natus Vincere vs Space Soldiers
geriau tu patylek nes visiem geda darai tokias nesamones paistai kad baisu kaip koks 12 metu vaikas
Epsilon vs CHAOS
Chaos you fucking retards if you have an igl who sucks dick at least do strats and if you aren't doing that Delection is not good enough for an aggressive play style and you need a better player not s...
Epsilon vs CHAOS
Espiranto is so trash holy fuck fpl player omegalul
NOVA vs eL'quvet
la3euka says gg before two of his teammates even died no wonder when he looks like he is from a prison lul
AVANGAR vs Quantum Bellator Fire
jmqa on Lan omegalul biggest onliner ever