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IBP wasn't that good
well their record vs top eu teams is 6-5 in sets, thats pretty good And i meant they were consistently beating compared to every other na team, which had barely any sets over eu teams
iBP undeserved
>betting 5k online in a bo1 on the favourite team why do you do this it hurts me
IBP wasn't that good
yeah but ibp did it in bo3, and consistently was beating strong eu teams in big matches outside of majors Their biggest problem was the majors, which cant really be a problem now :>
I'll send a gift for everyone who comments here
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=160752698&token=p0D8lVOT what a nice guy
What do you eat?
breakfast : bacon + egg sandwich lunch : noodles dinner : kebab (koobideh)
If NiP will lose...
and its VP online
Top 5 awpers 2017 so far
i would say 1. dev1ce 2. snax 3. kennyS/guardian (since kenny hasnt played a lot at lan) 4. kennyS/guardian 5. Allu
Top5 aimers?
bogdan, a2z, spunJ, NA adreN? wtf man
I'll Guess Your Rank Or Atleast try
60 100 120 144 hz - 60hz Favorite Skin- for guns asiimov m4, knives m9 crimson web Favorite Team- North/TSM 2015 Favorite IRL Sport(And if you played any)-Football/Soccer and Karate Favori...
Give me a country, and i'll fix their scene.
australia/new zealand BUT can have 2 players NA/UK Seems like a fun experiment to me
Most overrated teams in history of CS
its a point based ranking tho
best hltv meme?
I guess your favorite team
boooooooooooo its north lol, good guess
I guess your favorite team
canada, 17
3rd best player of all time
hunden? bogdan? a2z? smithzz? forgetting real legends...