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i'll r8 ur fave song
well a lot of his songs are nostalgic; parts of his own history.. alot of his songs are spoken in a manner which is very difficult to understand, so often you have to dig deep to understand what he's...
i'll r8 ur fave song
Sufjan stevens is insane, most of the songs follow the same vibes; lyrics is the most important, absolute mastermind
rate my 16yo blond gf
please guys, tell me you can get a prettier girl than her; bcz u would be lying
NORBANT vs Galkynysh stream
i'll r8 ur fave song Had to post two hahah my love for music is so great
tottenham - arsenal
only thing i can say is 4 easy assists 4 øzil
Jackz most handsome player??
they are all handsome, I was just surprised to see how handsome jackz actually is
Jackz most handsome player??
Just giving my man some credz 4 looking good dude
Jackz most handsome player??
+0,5 what about dosia?
Jackz most handsome player??
U smart
Jackz most handsome player??
Jackz most handsome player??
I saw that picture on instagram, and checked out his profile, he looks good as hell
philip sucks at csgo so much lmao
If u mean the norwegian Philip, I actually played against him just last week, in a domestic Wingman tournament. I bested him in warmup, but from there it all went downhill hahah; hes a great player
OpTic vs LDLC
no stream for ECS games? wow were on another level now
1 Word Story (Yes Because it's Popular)