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oskar sad
oskar looks depressive over 9000 he always looks like he gets beaten hard at home...jeeeeeeesus christ very positive charisma this guy has!
Coldzera: eSport player of the year (Fragmovie)
"COLDZERA BEST ESPORT PLAYER OF THE YEAR" lance armstrong *krkrkr* Sports Illustrated magazine's Sportsman of the Year (2002) Reuters Sportsman of the Year (2003) ESPY Award for Best Male Athl...
mousesports vs Virtus.pro
ez 4 chrisJ
nt u merkel too troll
your idol?
Bdolf he always weared the freshest cloths
Thorin's Thoughts - nex: The Bankrupt Future of German CS (CS:GO)
all I understand is that nex = rise of hitler !
E-Sport legends
fatal1ty (the b0ss 4ever) Reichert brothers (founders of SK gaming, ESL etc.) mooN (wc3) sirscoots
New Mouz
but LMBT did a good job so far. but since the coach is barely involved ingame, they could speak german ingame and english during timeouts/analysis etc.
New Mouz
y i forgot about LMBT. but i guess he will move on together with oskar.
Russia "Accidentally" blows the shit out of Turkish soldiers.
its because erdogan tried to impress trump! thats how putin says "im watching you my friend" he is secret service / mafia! you know when mafia smash your showroom to send your a signal, put...
New Mouz
chrisJ > keev spiidi tabsen chrisJ nex god b basically the 2015 major team - denis + tabsen. they had potential, but benching spiidi instead of denis was the wrong move, afterwards. ...
Top-3 cheaters in MM
solo germans are fine! but the german lobbies are safecall hack xDD
Best oldschool, cs 1.5/1.6 videos
mouz cs 2005 https://youtu.be/aanp_KnXJbA?t=345 mouz cs 2016 xD https://youtu.be/HHdP_bKHY8E?t=57 lul compare the cbble scene xDDD
Doping Contries
here is my opinion: - ger are the best -> every nation with more medals than ger (excluding some winter sports) has an organised doping structure! i know that germany has a doping past too...
Doping Contries
no it is in offtopic section!