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Which Mouse?!
Wich lineups do you miss the most?
NA Optic
Your countries "bitch"
Isn't that free healthcare like whenever a doctor is available though so you have to wait?
first day at Uni tomorrow
Glhf :D
when liquid win major
I believe it honestly I was really hoping Faze would take out Astralis but :(
when liquid win major
Europoors will cry :>
I honestly have a lot of respect for you saying A Brazilian will have three it's a different story if Mibr win it though as the Brazilian Scene or country will have won three majors due to the majorit...
Team Liquid vs. Astralis
NaVi vs Liquid
Why Danes are worse than brazilians
Are you assuming/saying that I'm a fakeflagger because I stated the obvious that people tend to pretend to be from NA in an effort to make us look bad? The Reddit is a joke all together so I expect th...
Liquid don't win major *READ*
I agree olof and guardian just have to show up and it could be a possibility looking forward to it Enjoy the major/matches my friend
Liquid don't win major *READ*
If FaZe upsets Astralis Liquid vs NaVi grandfinal for sure
Liquid don't win major *READ*
I agree with you completely, Liquid winning the major is entirely dependent on how well FaZe does against Astralis. IF they win somehow liquid have a really good chance at taking the major
Why Danes are worse than brazilians
I don't know about that one bro I believe a good portion of those NA Fans are fakeflaggers who either bandwagon or are out to make us look bad when we win with threads.
Lekr0 AIM
Naw not from Lekr0 himself Just something I've heard a few times sorry for the misunderstanding...
Lekr0 AIM
I heard it was because of personality issues in the team but it's solely rumors