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My IP-address got banned for no reason
I got banned as well for no reason, but I sent an email to that and got soon unbanned though they didn't write anything back.
Which country is the best friend of ur country?
Np man :D
Which country is the best friend of ur country?
Finland and Latvia, cheap alcohol from Latvia, huge salaries from Finland
Nicest Pro
"CSGO is dead"
And here's the answer for all the people who think that most of the viewers are afking for crates :p
Can SK win the major without boltz?
Yep, I can't even describe how sad I was last major, because I was actually expecting VP to reach the finals and maybe even win it... :(
Can SK win the major without boltz?
I feel like VP only performs at majors
I R8 your nick name
I smell like it's a bait, but I mean at least I try
CS:GO dead game !
yep, because the chance of actually getting a case is so small...
I'll guess your rank
Thanks, you too :D
I'll guess your rank
Almost. Actually high lem (which means really really close to supreme), but faceit level is right, I don't play it a lot, but when I do, I always rank up and derank between level 4 and 5.
I'll guess your rank
15 800 dpi 1.2 sens 1377 hrs NiP
250k viewers, non major
I have set my fps cap at 300, but for some reason it works so badly in my pc :( , I had much more fps with my old pc. I have looked for so many posts on how to fix it but still haven't found any solut...
250k viewers, non major
for some reason I have like 90-110 fps with lowest settings on overwatch, meanwhile I have 250+ fps on csgo with lowest settings