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its ok as long as you kill after it as sex with a 9 year old is ilegal
ViCi vs Winstrike
It's a 1 day event
Find your birthday twin!
june 2nd
couldnt give less as long she is happy and isnt abused
Why is Russia in Europe
well most of russias population is part of eu so yeah and mm sucks l
HyperX headset
had hyperxcloud 1 for 3 years worked amazing till the audio jack fucked up. well from the experience can tell you that no matter how long you have you will not feel any pain but as in any gaming heads...
my pc
my pc i5 6500 gtx 1060 6gb 8gb ram soon to be 32 500hdd soon to be 500gb ssd and 2tb hdd
Is Valve a good developer for CS:GO?
i think that they are great developers i mean instead of making half baked games they take their time to make master pieces. in games like cs they try to keep the game as same as possible so that play...
hellraisers fans come here
They are in a really good place atm their best player's will stay and can get upgrade at rubino for deadfox
I have 2.000 wins on fortnite AMA
Have heard of sex or have you heard of Jesus my point is that fortnite is for virgins all the real gamers play h1z2
The avengers are not dead!
The point is that they want all the movies to connect but marvel fans won't care cause its like it's not the dame as comics
The avengers are not dead!
Probably some shit like that will happen but people like spiderman will comeback because they film new spiderman and blackpanter movie.
Your country rival
Russia and poland Russia is for obvious reasons And poland is for historical reasons but now we have love hate relationship atm
My gf cheated on me
How come right hand leave you unless you cutted of
2015 NiP Or 2018 Astralis ?
Shit bait but astralis is better than fnatic 2015