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Do you walk with God?
Alcohol is sin 🙏
Chile come here
Im not talking about my country i know its fucking shit although i never had to eat rats under any presidency of any party here bruv chu talking about
Chile come here
I'm sure they want to live under constant martial law, getting kidnapped, killed and tortured if they oppose the goverment men
Chile come here
lithuania hello
Chile come here
Belle Delphine as your daughter
Dude you're not understanding/ignoring my point but whatever
Belle Delphine as your daughter
Dude the reason she's so popular is because she started all the ahegao face thing and that popularity sky-rocketed when she started selling her bath water. You dont just measure one's ability to be a ...
Belle Delphine as your daughter
Yeah because everyone else was selling their bath water, you cant deny she's creative bro, she knows how the virgin's mind works
Belle Delphine as your daughter
honestly she's a great business woman, so i'll be proud
haha no
Yes i live alone and im a student
Csgo players to football players comparison
What? Buffon is still playing? holy shit
Your favorite anime scene
indeed i dont really have a scene that i consider the best in HxH, but the palace invasion is the best raid/entrance i've seen in anime.
Your favorite anime scene
Not my absolute favorite but the one that that started my fanatism towards this series
I guess if you're virgin or not
okay you're right but its a 50/50 question anyways, dont feel good just because you got one right