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G2 playoff
I love g2 and the individuals, i have nothing against them all and I just want to see lucky, jackz, shox, kennyS & ex6tenz . That should be enough firepower for me that I think that can go further tha...
Vitality vs G2
Wait. What happens when G2 wins this? Will People say it was a fluke? Will people say Give Vitality time? I'm not too sure but find out next two weeks on WESG
look, im a huge g2 fan. This team isn't going anywhere tbh. ex6 - strats not working but can frag but its not good enough shox - ever since he started igl , he isn't the shox we used to know in 2014-...
clips motherufckas
G2 vs ENCE
G2 isn't a Mirage team, and MIRAGE is ENCE's best map
Naruto is pretty good and the more you watch it, the harder you'll get into.
Heroic vs ENCE
G2 going 2-0 winning it.
Heroic vs ENCE
G2-0 with the new line-up.
why is g2 so bad
bookmarking this page so i can go back to you in the future bro, dont ignore me if i do
why is g2 so bad
we're not talking about hltv rankings. they need to go in a match.
why is g2 so bad
they already are good enough to go against vitality. mark my words, bookmark this page, mark my words again.
French scene is a Phoenix
dont forget my shit g2 revived.!
i honestly had some fun hoping the underdog would win but damn . They're going to be mad at the guy that tried to knife.
When will G2 play with
C9 kennyS
Great players realize / recognize and may admit when they're sucking or in slump. He still can play great.