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Ghost vs FaZe
its ok maybe that BO3 will end fast enough that they can cast part of this one still.
Ghost vs FaZe
yea so dumb for wanting to see this match, liquid is going to crush fnatic what is entertaining about that
Ghost vs FaZe
are they seriously going to make ghost vs faze unwatchable AGAIN? id rather see this game than liquid fnatic
fnatic undeserved
Zellsis was a massive handicap for c9. They all do whats required and he’s just a shaky nervous child not fulfilling his job
Cloud9 vs fnatic
Rip Zellsis
its just like fyre fest
Bravado vs INTZ
wtf happened to kng's hair he looks like a crack head now i hope bravado wins, they need some w's
x6tence Galaxy vs 3DMAX
barbar was a little bit too excited about his lucky run in one tournament when he said that lol. plopski is not even close to as good as brollan
German Internet Speed
the internet doesn't seem that bad, forsaken hits some nasty shots on it
VP gaining respect
where is this match vs north i cant find it
k1o gf 10/10
she looks pretty attractive but has literally no ass. just one of them skinny ass model b!tches
Rogue Tarik?
nobody on rogue has accomplished as much as tarik, fragging ability wise and tournament results. but i guess your tarik hatred is enough proof. i believe you
Rogue Tarik?
well he's still higher caliber than rogue despite how bad you think he is. if he's trash than rogue is even trashier
Rogue Tarik?
i think tarik has higher standards than that
Oh ok so this guy is just talking sh!t because this is the first time ever for finland accomplishing something