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Vitality malding
I remember when I used to always wish that apex would lose because he always looked like a big whiney cry baby in the face. But now I am just used to it and do not wish for him to lose anymore
I’m assuming there had to be way more options out there than spellan. Is being cerq’s buddy the only requirement to ring for this team? Lol. There is no way that he was their best option for an availa...
CS 1.6 Experts Come Here
90% of the pros used 640x480 because for some reason it seemed easier to spray an m4 or ak with it
Saddest professions?
Professional poker player is actually a legit living for some people. I am not one of those people but it seems like a pretty luxurious life for just being consistent at a card game.
you don't think fnatic are capable of beating liquid?
Fnatic fluked EPL
they are a new team, did you think they would never lose to lesser skilled opponents? fnatic would probably get their sh!t together if it was a bo3
G2 fix
-niko because for some reason when he joins teams they become worse
Why was ztr kicked
i know lnz is pretty bad, but he definitely showed more potential than ztr ever did. like they both kind of suck but ztr is the most smelly piece of poop out of the two
Drake of CS:GO
kendrick lamar = spawN refrezh = kanye
Despite everything you keep saying about frags, vitality were way better when they had rpk. He stepped up when needed and especially on lan
forZe vs Sinners
sinners rounds 50-45 rip
G2 vs Sinners
Damn, it’s been a long road for Oskar to get back on this level. Even if he’s not the top fragger. Nice win
FaZe leak
I don’t think broky needs to be replaced
Gym advice
If you are a fatty already then do the diet you said. If you are a skinny twig boy then don’t even try to diet. Just shove anything that fits into your mouth 12 times a day and work out hard as long a...