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does he wear pyjamas
6ix9ine insane transformation
so he lost weight to be that fat still? or he got thinner than this. i don't know whats happening here
Yea I just looked up his age after I posted this. I assumed he was old as balls for some reason
Flamie is becoming the Edward of the team. It’s bound to happen to everyone at some point in their career. He’s had a good run in na’vi. But you can tell his skill is dwindling
the cz75
Weird that people say it needs to be nerfed. It seems like people barely buy them. Mostly everyone would rather have a deagle on a low buy
i don't even want to imagine it. niko is a curse to every team he joins.
to be fair faze were not any better when niko was still on the team
lol do people actually think broky has no impact?
people dont seem to make cs videos of this style anymore. i like this vid
stop bully olof
lol i think the conversation was more like "yea i'm pretty close to retirement here but if you need me i can do it" you really think that faze didn't know his situation when they asked him? lol this ...
stop bully olof
i disagree. i think faze fans are just upset that faze chose to use a stand in who is in and out of activity. but for some reason people want to be mad at olof because he's not playing at a superstar ...
stop bully olof
i actually understand that. what i don't understand is people hating olof
stop bully olof
seems like they are choosing to use olof. am i wrong about that? he's being used as a stand in. people act as though he's not trying or something. blame faze for not having used someone else if you're...