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NiP had 2 chances
nobody cares kiddo
Envy vs Singularity
eley is actually pretty decent sometimes
FATE vs Movistar Riders
That is pretty accurate
lol, i don't think so but your opinion is your opinion
for an IGL, daps is a pretty good player. cloud9 needs a leader as good as him. are you really going to say he sucks based on the occasional misplay?
moses delusional?
he's far smarter than you are. a good example of your lack of intelligence is your being upset by moses worrying for the team in a 4v2 situation. he's capable of analyzing when the round can possibly ...
JW boring
when players get more experience and have been around forever, they rely less on the nice flicks because they are smart enough to know the positioning. 16 year old god aimers need their flicks in orde...
Is ZywOo cheating?
imagine being as good as zywoo, but you really just need to cheat vs a team that sucks this bad. unlikely
NiP good?
is plopski really doing what's expected though? i feel like i'd remove him before i would remove rez
NiP good?
i don't think plopski is working out boys. i thought he was supposed to be this young beast or something but i haven't seen it yet. olof should just abandon faze and replace this kiddo
he's missing some key shots but also winning some crucial rounds. seems like he's doing more good than harm though
fnatic vs NiP
I used to root for nip all day long, but I’m slowly changing bandwagons. I like the way this vintage Fnatic is playing so far
ATK laugh thread
how are you feeling now about map 3
ATK laugh thread
watch them just win the next two maps and make you look like a silly goose
shox turned out to be a great addition. nbk was kind of mediocre in his role even though vitality was a top 5 team