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hltv addiction
In the same boat lol. I can’t help but still keep up with what’s going on with cs on the daily. I love the game but can’t play it anymore
grim baiter
Lol the very first clip, yea his teammate dies first but he destroys 3 diff players coming out long doors. Multi kills like that still require skill, even if you’re not the first one getting action
NAVI 2010 vs Natus Vincere
They should have found a way to stream as a spectator in the game rather than stream it from watching it on HLTV. People who have never played 1.6 probably thought that looked pathetic
snoop dogg
Well it might be true that snoop dogg isn’t that amazing. I still agree with the fact that new rap is mostly trash. You using snoop isn’t really the greatest example of good old school rap
Kick Nitr0
Yea totally kick nitro because he has 2 kills in one map out of a million maps played, good idea I agree. This erases all the other impactful games he’s had I agree with you 100% bro
It’s slightly true, because complexity is so new that there are barely any demos to be able to analyze them and counter them yet. But there’s no reason to assume complexity won’t keep playing this wel...
TSM Roster
I watched it I didn’t just post a comment without watching the video.
TSM Roster
what people fail to understand is that you can make a video like this, of absolutely any pro player you want. if you're looking for it you're going to find it. these things happen ALL THE TIME. doesn'...
1.6 was a better esport when you watch these clips of get_right in 1.6 it makes you miss the way the game was not the clips recorded from HLTV spectator but his pov clips. just ...
dev1ce awping on 1.6
only if you were still running or jumping would that ever happen
dev1ce awping on 1.6
lol what? did you even play 1.6? if you didn't scope it wasn't accurate. it had to be a quick scope at the very least