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EG best Na Team?
Probably recently yes!
Capitaslit first of all... it was who gave you the confort of your home, the car that you have. Whitout the interst the people have motivation to get money creating solution for people want to buy, ne...
African population lives in that place for thousand of years, the point is the local governaments. Do you think African is worst then Saudi Arabian ?? The problem in African is local governments, mai...
Totally bullshit... I think she never read IPCC reports to understand world climate. Don't be foo and manipulated by those words... make sense in some level... but totally alarmist in a not realistc l...
OK, but you know why ?? Did you investigate properly ? It's because governament aroung the world don't work for that, and do you know why ?? Because governaments don't have properly incetives to do t...
No man... if you have a job with low salary is because someelse need that job... and the boss need to profit... Company without profit is a comunism and we well know what happen with that. Profit is ...
Because Capitaslim, gave us confort at home. Gave us industrity to have goods with cheap price, and we don't need to product everything by ourselves. Because capitalism is a way people try to do volun...
Brazilian stole my wallet
Cry! Almost impossbile. But go to 190 phone number.
Thanks MIBR
Thanks liquid, to giva a come up in the first major and give us a major playing like a shit in Colonge major !
Vitality vs FURIA
lol... make sense hahahaha! Guerri 1 year ago was pro player in Brazil. He's better than zews in theory.
very good team
Gaules Bit Bida Wave SilvioSantosdoCS
Poland and Brazil
I'm not thinkinh brom they are already!
Poland and Brazil
How crazy are you ? Brazil has 2 top 10 team in the world! Sorry, think more before to write trash.