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Sprout vs Red Reserve
dat mirbit clutch - hohoooo
Vitality vs Sprout
since 1871 please.
Smooya, chrisJ, etc
so pathetic. It still was 5 on 5 and the .pause call came before the bomb was planted and any damage was done. In fact the only damage was done to a mouz player and even that was after the call.
German Help pls?
That's not entirely correct. They are called definite and indefinite articles. "Ich, du, er, sie, es, wir, ihr, sie" are NO articles. These are personal pronouns. Definite articles are "Der, die, das,...
German Help pls?
"Er, sie, es" aren't articles. "Der, die, das" are defined articles.
BIG vs
play online against Germans on cache? what was this? suicide?
BIG vs Team123
dont forget that you cant beat germans on dust
If this ist true and the buyout really was 1 Million... GG
BIG vs Envy
difference is that nooky is not a caster and does this for fun. If you dont like it, go on gotv and cast yourself.
Mousesports ScreaM
you guys have to realise that mousesports is a traditional german organisation with many german sponsors, or at least sponsors for which the german market is important. That is why mouz is always look...
Gob b
his calls were amazing and in every throw round somebody else has done the mistake. When nex peaked, he had to do it too. nex didnt have to peak, but he always does.
mousesports vs BIG
-denis +tabseN = GG WORLD
PENTA vs Tricked
what are you even talking? in the first major they were attending they ended up in the quarter finals. that have been krystal-robsen-fel1x-denis-spidii. then they changed fel1x and robsen and got nex ...